Russian Hacking

By Jack Beckman-Smith

The Mirror Staff

“First of all, Russians never “hacked the election.”


Russian Hacking or Democratic Incompetence?

OPINION:The Establishment can’t comprehend a Trump victory, and has to point to the Russians for exposing their own corruption.

“To say you won’t respect the results of the election, that is a direct threat to our democracy,” said Secretary Hillary Clinton.

This quote beautifully summarizes the irony and tragedy surrounding Hillary Clinton and her political elitist lapdogs. She truly was her worst enemy, and the political establishment just couldn’t seem to swallow the truth.

Unsatisfied and beaten, many political insiders, Republican and Democrat alike, have bought into the notion of some sort of “Russian hacking”—a “hacking” of Democratic National Committee staffer emails. The mainstream media has eagerly jumped onto this bandwagon with full support. This controversy has been blown up so much that it’s been the main political talking point for the past two months. However, it’s been talked about for all the wrong reasons.

First of all, Russians never “hacked the election.” The FBI and CIA have both admitted the Russians haven’t influenced ANY polling numbers. They’ve merely put out information about Hillary Clinton and the corrupt DNC.

If you believe that merely putting out information is interfering with an election, and requires a recount, you’re an enemy to democracy. Intellectual discourse is key to political exchange. We saw Obama threaten the British Parliament with harsher trade terms if they left the European Union, and we don’t see “Brexiteers” calling for a recount due to U.S. interference.

Either way, no conclusive evidence has come out of the CIA or FBI, and both have half heartedly stated the Russians “hacked” the DNC emails. Of course the CIA and FBI could be protecting their secrets and informants they used to acquire this evidence, but why should I put all my faith into the people that led us to invade Iraq under false pretenses? WikiLeaks has already informed us on how they received the DNC emails, and they’re the ones that publicized them.

WikiLeaks showed how Julian Assange’s source phished John Podesta and other DNC members for their email account passwords. Since when is a phishing scam hacking? Since when is WikiLeaks a Russian organization?

The truth is, this “Russian hacking” was actually investigative journalism by the hero of transparency and liberty, Julian Assange of WikiLeaks. Assange said himself, his source wasn’t Russian. Again, Assange has a long history of credibility and tireless honesty. Why would a champion of freedom work with a tyrannical government like that of Russia?

On the other hand, if Donald Trump and the Republican National Committee went on a crazed witch hunt for “Saudi hackers” after losing to Clinton, they’d be dismissed as sore losers and conspiracy theorists.

Even now, deniers of the “Russian Hacking” are being discredited as conspiracy theorists.

Is it really a conspiracy to believe a credible organization with a long history of revealing government corruption around the world leaked the emails of a corrupt political organization? Or do the political elite and mainstream media want to continue lying to us in order to push their anti-Russian agenda—just like they lied to us about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq?

Do we really want to trust the people pulling the wool over our eyes, or the champions of liberty and honesty?

For goodness’ sake, even if the Russians did hack the election (which they most certainly didn’t), they didn’t manipulate any votes. They exposed the truth. They made information transparent to the U.S. people. Is that somehow bad for us? Is that wrong?

This nation was built on transparency, trust and freedom. It is a bad sign when the establishment panics once the curtains are lifted.

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