Donald Trump, for America

By Jack Beckman-Smith

The Mirror Staff

“As your president I will do everything in my power to protect the rights of LGBT individuals.”


COUNTERPOINT: Why Donald Trump Will Be Good for the Nation

If you’re like me, you followed this election cycle very closely. However, many of you may be disappointed or even scared by the results. No,Trump is not Hitler, and no it is not the end of the world, and here’s why.

Months of demonization of Trump by the media and entertainment industry have created one of the largest straw men in history. The image of his vileness and pure evil has been blown up into proportions rivalling Hitler. Just the utterance of his name without context would be a social death sentence.

But this man is surely far from Hitler, and far from being a crazed right-wing racist for that too. In fact, as he comes into power, his views have shifted heavily to the left.

For instance, he is very considerate of LGBT individuals, as he stated at the Republican National Committee, “As your president I will do everything in my power to protect the rights of LGBT individuals.” This is very far from the gay-hating Donald Trump everyone seems to imagine.

What about the racist Donald Trump everyone knows for certain exists? Well Donald Trump is simply very far from being racist. Donald Trump isn’t looking to deport Latinos, or make America white again.Trump’s consulted Ben Carson, and even picked him as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. He simply wishes to crack down on the illegal immigration occurring at our southern border, which many people contorted into being racist. He doesn’t wish to target anyone for their race and ethnicity, but by their legality and nationality.

If he isn’t racist, or anti-LGBT, is he a misogynist? Well there seems to be no proof of Donald Trump being a misogynist. All charges of sexual assault against him have been dropped and his slate is relatively clean aside from a few comments he’s made. Many people may see him as a sexist for calling Rosie O’donnell a “pig,” but an attack on a single woman isn’t an attack on all women. He’s said much worse to other men, but that doesn’t make him a misandrist.

Of course there’s the infamous remark Trump’s made about grabbing women by the “p***y,” but I can only attribute that to him being a warm blooded male trying to jest and entertain with another friend. It may be crude, distasteful, and unpresidential, but Trump isn’t running based on his grace and purity.

Donald Trump is a businessman and reality star that took our election cycle by storm. He defeated a multitude of well-backed and brilliant Republicans in the primary. After defeating some of the world’s smartest men and women, he went on to win the election for president of the United States of America.

Donald Trump didn’t win off hatred or deceit. He won off populist policy, and by reaching out to the average working class American. His interests lie in us, and he will do anything for the American people and our great nation.

Donald Trump is not a career politician, and isn’t looking to buy into the Republican or Democratic establishments. He doesn’t have many special interests and isn’t going to be puppeted by shadowy global elites. He’s looking for the best team to help America and it’s people, Americans. Whether you’re black white, young old, gay straight, male female or other, Donald Trump is on YOUR side.