By Brian Clavio

The Mirror Staff

“It was a great experience and it was loads of fun to play against the celebrities.” -Kevin Hurlic


Power 106 Pitches in to Raise Funds for VNHS Athletics

SPORTS: Van Nuys Basketball teams participate in a celebrity game featuring YouTuber Alex Wassabi and radio station personalities.

Numerous DJs, rappers, and other musicians participated in the Power 106 Celebrity Basketball game on Nov. 10 at Van Nuys High School. The most notable celebrity player was YouTuber Alex Wassabi.

The Girl’s and the Boy’s Varsity Basketball Teams, alumni, and Coach Jeffrey Johnston played together to face the Power 106 celebrities in the fundraiser for the Athletic Department. .

The boys started first for Van Nuys, with the starting line up including Ethan Quiambao, Kevin Hurlic, Tyree Winborn, Matthew Sykes, and Anthony Daniels.

The game was played in two 20-minute halves instead of four 10-minute quarters.

The opposing teams gathered at center court for tip-off. Power 106 would have possession of the ball to begin the game.

For the entirety of the first half, the game was relatively close. In the latter portion of the first half, the Girl’s Varsity Team subbed in for the guys.

Neither team created a significant lead over the other until in the last minute, when the Power 106 celebrities went on a 6-0 run to end the half. The score at the end of the half was 42-34, with Van Nuys down.

During halftime, a contest was held in which one person from each grade would have an attempt to make a three-pointer, a free throw, and a lay-up in the fastest time. The winner was ASB President Ahmad Daaboul, who scored tickets to see rapper G. Eazy..

As the game continued, the Van Nuys squad was down by 8 points. Looking to recuperate and hoping for a come back, the girls went out again, joined by alumni players, to start the second half.

After twelve minutes of play, Power 106 called for a timeout. During the timeout, everyone in the gym participated in the Mannequin Challenge—freezing still, as if they were mannequins, as the song “Black Beetles” by Rae Sremmurd played in the background.

After the timeout, the boys team subbed for the final minutes of the game trailing by only two points, in the last minutes of the game, 93-91.

Unfortunately, the Van Nuys fell just two points short of a win. The game ended with Power 106 winning 95-93.

“It was a great experience and it was loads of fun to play against the celebrities,” said Kevin Hurlic, a Varsity Basketball player.