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45th “President” of the United States

OPINION: A businessman who has never held public office nor served in the military will serve as the President of the United States

Donald J. Trump.

A bigot. A racist. A misogynist. Now, the 45th “President” of the United States of America.

This business mogul has shocked the world with his rhetoric, remarks, and now the reality of this election.

Trump, defying all preconceived notions from the media and both parties, managed to win the electoral college 270 to 228. The deep divisions of the country have never been so prominent than after election day.

The one thing that both candidates did well was accept the results. Clinton, although painful as it was, humbly and graciously admitted defeat and offered cooperation with the Trump administration. Trump embraced Clinton’s offer for help and called for America to “unite once again.”

President Obama also expressed the obligation for America to give Donald Trump the respect and opportunity to better America. He stressed unity alongside both candidates and the acceptance of Trump into the Oval Office.

Despite the call of unity expressed by these three figures, parts of the country are still in denial. Several universities have reacted to the new candidate the following day by cancelling class for discussion and reflection. Protests popped up around the country in several cities, such as Chicago and Washington, and on college campuses in Massachusetts and California.

Although most protests have been peaceful, some so-called anti-hate and anti-violence supporters of Clinton have taken things to the extreme by immersing themselves with violent gestures and threats of secession.

In Chicago, Trump protesters have gathered under the slogan of “Not My President” and surrounded the Trump Hotel. Using hateful language with plenty of swearing, these protesters have violently displayed their discontent with the new president. Five people have already been arrested as police have arrived to the scene. In other states, highways have been closed due to the protesting masses present.

Some protests became intensely “heated” as effigies of republican figures were burned. The American University in Washington incinerated their own United States flag.

To add insult to injury for democrats, Republicans have taken control of both the House and the Senate. This will allow Donald Trump a republican sided Congress to work with. Also several vacancies in the Judicial Courts are expected to be filled with conservative appointees. Some democrats do not care about Trump’s presidency as it will come and go in four years, however, conservative judges will be in control of the Judicial branch for a long time.

As someone who has degraded women, insulted veterans, slandered minorities, etc, Donald Trump drives hate and negative messages. He desires to overthrow the political establishment and to reign as someone who has never held public office nor served in the military. In addition, he will be the first billionaire president. In these special senses, he will be the first of its kind.

But there is no doubt that Trump has surprised us all. From emerging as the Republican Party Nominee through defeating 11 candidates to bragging about grabbing women by their private parts, Trump never fails to clinch what he desires.

This demagogue appealed to the fear and dissatisfaction of the common people because he believed the middle class continued to suffer as the elites at the top continued to prosper. Senator Bernie Sanders ran a similar campaign along these populist ideals but failed to take the Democratic Party Nomination. The concept of reduced government involvement, especially in the markets, very much attracted voters to Trump as it would mean a better economy for the United States.

On the international scale, Russia has declared that they are now ready to establish peaceful relations with the United States. However other countries have expressed their discontent. International stocks dropped worldwide as the fear of abolished American trade deals will most likely become reality.

On November 10, President Obama invited the newly elected Donald Trump to the Oval Office to discuss and make agreements about the nation. Despite their differences, cordial respect was feigned by both sides. Important information was exchanged, such as national security information and instructions on what to do when in case of a catastrophe.

After the meeting, President Obama emphasized the tradition of peaceful transition exemplified by the Bush administration in 2008 and his desire to do the same. Their next official meeting is coming up in January, when Donald J. Trump, America’s most decent man, will receive the nuclear codes. He will be the 45th “President” of the United States.

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