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By Jenisa Chuayjarernsook

The Mirror Staff

“ I’m so glad I’m able to perform with someone like Jacob because he brings a calming presence and has made the whole experience a pleasure.“


The Voice of Van Nuys

FEATURE: Meet the pair behind the morning announcements.


Have you ever wondered who the people are behind those voices on the morning announcements? And did you know that chemistry between two voices makes a difference in conveying a message?

It takes courage to announce your voice to the entire school. The Voices of Van Nuys, Jacob Zelonky and Cameron Kern. open up about their experiences and give some tips on public speaking.

How does it feel to have your voice heard around the whole school?

Jacob Zelonky: At first it was really nerve-wracking knowing the entire school could hear me but I’ve definitely gotten used to it and learned to let loose.

Cameron Kern: It was an unreal experience at first and still every morning we go on, I get little butterflies in my stomach. However, the more you do it the easier it gets. Going in my first day I wasn’t too nervous, speaking in front of an audience has never been a problem for me, but I’ve never spoken in front of so many people before. It’s really exciting. I think being able to speak to my peers and leave my mark on Van Nuys High School, is something I’m truly proud and honored to have earned this title!

How did you get this position?

Jacob Zelonky: Ms. Carr expressed interest in having me do the job after I applied to ASB. Even though ASB didn’t end up ultimately fitting into my schedule, I got to keep the job.

Cameron Kern: It’s been a dream of mine to do the morning announcements since I started high school and when the opportunity approached me I was at least going to take the chance. So I went and gave it a try. Ms. Carr seemed to like the friendship of Jacob and I that bled through the Performing Arts and it’s been this way ever since.

How would people interested in this position, apply to be the voice of Van Nuys?

Jacob Zelonky: There are usually auditions for the Voice of Van Nuys that happen after you apply to leadership.

Cameron Kern: For the future voices of Van Nuys, if you want to get involved join ASB, use that stellar voice of yours and ask! Be persistent. If you show that you’re genuinely interested in obtaining the position, someone will give you a shot.

What tips would you give to the next generation of speakers?

Jacob Zelonky: With live, public-speaking, I think it’s important to add your own flare to whatever it is you’re reading and sort of make it your own. Even though you can only hear my voice, I try to bring my personality across so I’m less of a robot and more of an actual human being. If I’m feeling nervous I usually just pretend I’m on the phone with a friend. And I’m lucky to get to work with Cameron, who I consider to be one of my closest friends in real life.

Cameron Kern: Some advice though: do the announcements with someone you have chemistry with and someone you’re not afraid of being weird around. I’m so glad I’m able to perform with someone like Jacob because he brings a calming presence and has made the whole experience a pleasure.”

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