ASB President and Vice President

By Lucas Shim
and Kevin Mo

The Mirror Staff

“I believe in success, and I want to carry that out over the coming years”


ASB Powerhouse Duo: Ahmad Daaboul and Wahid Khan

The President and Vice President discuss their experiences, challenges and goals

What is it like to be the Associated Student Body President of Van Nuys Senior High, and lead the events and affairs for more than two thousand students? The role of ASB President is not just about paperwork and contributing ideas. It requires responsibilities, time management, and a strong sense of duty.

ASB President Ahmad Daaboul and ASB Vice President Wahid Khan discussed in depth their leadership roles and challenges, teamwork, and their past experiences in leadership.

Ahmad Daaboul:

Why did you want to become ASB President?
I believe that I can make a great difference in the school, both academically and socially. Van Nuys High School has always been a great school to begin with, and I just believe that I can take that extra step forward. I believe in success, and I want to carry it out in the coming year.

What are some challenges that you face?
There are honestly a lot of challenges because you have to lead the ASB class which is a team of 46 people. Not everyone is on the same page because we all have our own ideas. The challenge is definitely getting everyone to work together. Once everyone starts working together, we can achieve great things.

Were you in any leadership positions before you became ASB President?
I was in Leadership class in middle school, and I’ve been involved with it my whole life. I’ve taken leadership positions across seas and participated in many different organizations. One organization was called SANA TV where we taught kids English in refugee camps. I had to take a hold of my team over there and take the lead. Pretty much, I have been a leader my entire life.

What are you planning on achieving as ASB President?
I want to get a lot of things done as much as possible in Student Body, like I said, both academically and socially. I want everyone to enjoy their time here at Van Nuys High School and increase the amount of events and performances as well, but it’s not all just about fun really. It’s really about getting everyone to that high standard that Van Nuys High School really keeps.

Wahid Khan:

What is it like to be the Vice President for ASB?
Being an ASB Vice President is such an honor, and I’m so thankful for those who supported me. Sometimes, the role of Vice President is somewhat stressful, but at the end of the day, it’s all worth it because I get to live up to the expectations of those who believed in me.

What are some challenges that you face?
A difficulty I come across being Student Body Vice President is having to spend more time for ASB rather than my studies. An example of this would be the Homecoming Dance. It takes so much work, but I have my ASB family with me working as hard as I am, so it takes out the stress from the work and makes me happy to be able to fulfill my duties along with my family.

What are some goals that you would want to achieve throughout the year?
This year, one of my goals is involving as many people in school activities as possible. I will do this by organizing events that interest both the magnet population and develop a method to unify Van Nuys as a whole, not by their position as residential students or magnet students but by their position as Van Nuys students.


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