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Sophomore Board Candidates

By Keshan Huang and Tyler Jung

The Mirror Staff


Sophomore Board Candidates

Sophomore Board is assembling for the Class of 2019. A total of six candidates from all three magnets are running for President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

The board will be responsible for fundraising and coordinating activities for future class events such as prom.

The elections will be held on Monday and Tuesday, October 10 and 11, during lunch at the Victory Stand in the quad. Van Nuys sophomore students will have the opportunity to vote for their 2016 Sophomore Board Council.

All candidates were asked these questions:
1) What do you plan to do when you become president?
2) How do you plan on implementing your ideas?
3) What makes you a better candidate than your opponent?
4) Are there any fun things about you?

Candidates for President

Yewon Chung

I did a lot of planning last year but not everything went like how I planned. But this year I plan on actually going with the plan. I learned a lot from last year and I’m trying to learn from my mistakes.

This year I actually have plans for fundraisers and events we could have am planning on getting those done. I’m trying to get the board members more involved and also the councils because last year not everyone was very involved. Last year I was the freshman board president and it was a really good experience.

I mean I have more experience than her and because I was president last year and I was always into leadership ever since I was in middle school. I did a lot of leadership camps and getting involved in school stuffs and clubs, so I think I’m prepared and pretty experienced with leadership.

I like to freely do calligraphy and eat and I like to just do a lot of church activities.

Jacky Duong

So one of the main things is to of course to fundraise for the class of 2019 and by doing that I plan to use creativity and all the ideas I could think of. I would use my creative mindset to help make fundraising ideas to help senior prom.

First, one of my plans if I am elected as president is to make this binder with all the ideas and go through them and see if I can implement them fundraising ideas each and try to at least work something as something as like 20 dollars to make a big impact. I’m gonna have a little thing going on each month in the binder and I’m gonna have everything set aside and see what we can do.

Well first we’re both equally good opponents but last year she was already president. It’s better to have a new leader with a new mindset to help the sophomore board with new leaders with new thinking. Maybe in terms, my ideas might be better than hers and I think all my ideas can help benefit Sophomore Board.

A fun fact about myself is that I like to design t shirts and DIY and I also draw a lot too. I draw my friends faces on canvases for their birthdays.

Candidates for Vice President

Sharmie Azurel

As V.P. I’ll be assisting the president. I think it’s safe to say that I will ensure the success of the sophomore board. Last year I was secretary so I know how the board works. I think that since we’re starting at an earlier time we can implement more fundraisers.

I think we should gather not just the magnet kids but also the residential kids into the sophomore board. What I noticed about every board is that that they’re mainly made up of magnet kids but as the board itself we’re all going to participate in senior board. Not only with advertisements but we should try to connect with other afterschool programs. With sports we should try to connect with them to get a larger scale for sophomore board.

I think my personality my vibrancy I can gather and there’s a balance within me where i can do my work but relate with sophomores.

I do v-logs on Youtube but I don’t talk in them.

Candidates for Secretary

Sydney Chandisa

From last year, our year had amazing ideas for raising money, but they usually don’t come true, so for my goal as secretary I want to make most if not all these ideas true through my organization and skills.

Honestly, as secretary to keep everything organized make sure we are doing what we are supposed to do. And also make 2019 more interesting, make it a standout year.

I like dogs, I dance, if you meet me in person I’ll try my best to be your friend.

Candidates for Treasurer

Celine Bautista

As treasurer I have high expectations for myself and I really want everyone in our class to be active in fundraisers. Do things as one because I want our senior year together awesome.

I want to be more creative with ideas for fundraising, and get more stuff done on campus like the Valentine fundraisers, also fundraisers outside of school and like in restaurants.

When I want something Im really dedicated to, I really put myself into what I want to do. I want to dive in the office of treasurer to the best I can. I think treasurer is something I would like to do, because I really like math, and I wouldn’t treat it like a job, it’s fun for me.

Angela Saha

I plan on having good fundraising ideas to raise money. I don’t want prom in the gym like what’s happening next year. I would not want that at all.

Last year I wasn’t apart of the board, however, I think I was a pretty prime member. We did the selling of the wristbands, the bracelets, and I sold 5. So I think that would be a pretty good idea to continue that. To raise awareness for that, I would put up posters. So basically, selling bracelets.

I think we’re both pretty equal, but I feel that I could get the words out more easily to the school. I get straight to the point. If I say I’m going to do something, I do it. I live up to my word.

I think most sophomores know me. They know I’m funny and pretty direct. I would get done everything I say I would. Hopefully, they look upon our past memories together and be like, “Oh yeah, she’ll get it done.”

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