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Junior Board Candidates

By Elizabeth Ortiz

The Mirror Staff


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Junior Board Candidates

Junior Board is a club dedicated to the graduating class of 2018. Their main focus is to raise money for their senior year events. Junior Board also aids the current seniors with many of their events such as Senior Picnic and Prom.

Elections will be held on Monday and Tuesday, October 10 and 11 in front of the Lecture Hall at lunch.

All candidates were asked these questions:
1)Why do you think you’re qualified for this position?
2) What plans do you have to better Junior Board?
3) What makes you different from everyone else?

Candidates for President

Noah Albert

Well, I’m a natural born leader. When I was in 5th grade I was the President of the class, like the whole 2011 graduating class. I’ve always liked leading. In band I’m a leader, as well as in swim team; my first year I was JV captain and I like leading. Also I know how to get people to come together and that’s one of my big things is to try to get people to come together and come to all the fundraisers. And I have a lot of new ideas.

Well, I’m going to bring a lot more ideas as dances, baking sales, and car washes. That’s really what I want to do. But also I want to have more residential kids come too. Last year was just magnet and this year I want to do residential. And that’s kind of my big things.

Well, I think I’m a pretty convincing person and I know almost everybody in the junior class. And so I can get people to come and I like throwing parties, and I want to the throw more dances. And so I want to get people to come. I know how to throw dances, I’ve been thinking about what to do to fundraise for Junior Board while including the whole school. Instead of just having Sadie’s and Homecoming, I’d also add more dances like 70s Disco Night, 90s Alternative Rock and like 50s Swing. That kind of stuff.

Allen Zatikian

I believe I’m qualified for the position of Junior Board President because I am extremely hard working, persistent, and most importantly honest.

In order to make Junior Board more successful I plan to have many fundraising events such as laser tag, bumper cars, staff versus student activities, and t-shirt sales.

What sets me apart from other candidates is that I’m extremely involved with our school. I’m a member of ASB, Student Site Council, President of Armenian and Conscious Minds Club, and a manager and participant of our school’s volleyball team. In addition, I’m extremely creative and proactive.

Candidates for Vice President

Chethaka Senarathne

Well, I’m loyal. I won’t back out of stuff. As Vice President of this class, I would keep up my President in check and take charge when I have to. If my President’s not here, I will take charge. I am a natural born leader. I know how to do my job and I would not let my President slack off. I will make sure he does the work and I will make sure it’s done right.

As of last year, the fundraisers and everything else wasn’t spread out. The word wasn’t getting out. It was only received by the magnet people. It was only the science and the medical. This year, I know, personally, everybody from the residential and all the magnets here. So I’m trying to get the word to everybody for people to come this year so we have better fundraiser and more people and get more money.

I’m connected. I think everybody is but I work really well with anybody. I’m fun. I have a lot ideas like original fundraisers that we can do at school, including bake sales and dances, to get everybody to come. Because most people don’t or can’t go to other fundraisers because it’s too far or they don’t have the money. This year we’re trying to make them closer and a little bit cheaper for them to come so we can make more money in school. What makes me different? I’m pretty active, I’m in a lot of good class and have good grades, I do most of the sports in the school. I know how a team should act. I will make everybody do work and make this lasting.

Bryan Denq

I believe that I am qualified for this position because of three things: experience, sociability, and dedication. Though I may not come off as a leader at first glance, my experiences say otherwise. In my middle school years, I was involved in a leadership program called the Model United Nations. Within that program, I was the Vice President of my delegation who advised and counsel 25 peers and was the Assistant Secretary General of General Assembly who oversaw and led 300 delegates. Moving onto high school, I was the Vice President for both Freshman and Sophomore Board, meaning that I know the dynamics of fundraising and running the Board itself. By being the right-hand man for four years, I can assist the President effectively in most matters and able to take over the reins if the President is unable to do so. Other than experience, I am quite a sociable guy and know how to get along with most people, meaning that I can communicate with members effectively while at the same time having fun and making them laugh.

The plans that I have right now are simple: to create as many fundraisers as I can from certain locations that I can vouch for their cooperation and high profits. In my time as Vice President in Sophomore Board, I looked back and forth and experimented with some fundraisers to see if it was worth investing in. Throughout the many experimental fundraisers, I have gained the knowledge to safely say which fundraiser will be best for the Board. Knowing that fundraisers shouldn’t be the only thing to rely on for revenue, I had other plans in addition to creating key fundraisers: asking for sponsors at local businesses and donors.

I believe that I am different from the other candidates because of my involvement and loyalty to the Board and an effective team player with both members and officers. Unlike some candidates, I served both Freshman and Sophomore Board and even helped out at other Class Boards. My involvement gave me the insight and knowledge of how the Board is run, what is needed on the paperwork to create the fundraiser, and which fundraiser will be the best for the Board. With this insight, I can start working right off the bat since I exactly know where to start and how to carry it through.

Jenisa Chuayjarernsook

I’m qualified for this position because I have good leadership skills. I have been in ASB for two years and the experience that I accumulated would allow me to help our Junior Board and lead it to the right direction. Since I’ve been in sports, I know how important teamwork is. In order to progress as a team, cooperating together is a value I hold at a high level. I believe these traits qualifies my position as a Vice President.

I plan to help the Board by using attractive fundraising ideas that will garner lots of participation. I know that the key to a successful fundraiser is on the student’s interests, so a fundraiser that’s unique to them would bring more profit towards the Board. When the President is not available, I will be active in leading the meetings and continue our goal plans.

I’m committed. I’m not running for the fame or for the title. I’m running to help my class of 2018. I want to have the best prom for my senior year just like any other students do. I am compatible and open to ideas of others. If there’s any conflicts I will use logical ideas instead of emotions to bring out the best resolution. I will help the President lead the Board using my responsibility and leading skills.

Porus Karwa

I think I am qualified to be the next Junior Board Vice President because I like to think of myself as a friendly and caring person who is easy to approach. Even to people who I’ve just met, I treat them the same way as I do for people I’ve known for years. I also have great ideas for the Board that is sure to get more money in, which will lead to an amazing prom. Having great ideas isn’t everything, though; one must have the skill set to execute them properly. Apart from this, I know how to get work done effectively as well as efficiently. All in all, I believe I am more than qualified to help run this Board and make it a success.

The biggest plan that I have is to help fundraise money for the Board. We can do this is a multitude of ways from DK fundraisers to having events specifically for Junior Board. One fundraiser I’m particularly excited for is a t-shirt/sweater sale to show off our class colors and pride. Last year this idea was a bust, but for our junior year, it is sure to become a reality. The money we make for these fundraisers will go straight to our prom funds. Without the help of the class of 2018, these fundraisers will only stay a dream and an amazing prom will also just be a dream. That’s why we need everyone to contribute to these fundraisers.

I think I’m different from the other candidates because I’m not one to give up on a task when it gets hard and I’m definitely not one to do anything half-heartedly. Everything that I do, I do to the best of my abilities whether it is school related or not. Also, I am a good balance between fun and serious. I love to crack jokes and have as much fun as the next guy, but when it’s time to get down to business, I can be the most serious person in the room. I don’t want to sound cliché, but sometimes I care too much about helping people, even if it means putting their problems over my own, but that’s a sacrifice I’m willing to take for the class of 2018. I just want to help and make people happy.

Eduard Galumyan

I believe that I am qualified because I have the skills required to hold the position of Vice President. I have the ability to plan and organize along with skills in finances passed on to me by my accountant parents. I work well with others and have the ability to enforce productivity within my teams. I also have experience in a position of leadership as I was the JROTC Teen Court Commander last year.

My plans to better Junior Board include creating a better system for conducting our Junior Board duties in a more formal and organized fashion, prevention of any disorganization of myself or other officers, and increasing the morale of our class increasing the participation in our events.

Every individual is different, but what makes me truly unique from other candidates is my ability to create strong bonds between myself and other people. I love to interact with others and create trusting relationship within short amounts of time. I quickly understand a person’s likes and dislikes and appeal to them accordingly. I am also training in the sport of Judo. Judo is not however only a sport but an entire philosophy that teaches its Judokas discipline, efficiency, and thinking on the spot and outside the box.

Candidates for Secretary

Shanika Chowdhury

I think I’m qualified for Junior Board Secretary because of the previous leadership experience I’ve had with JROTC. Being in positions of influence among subordinates has taught me a lot about time management, cooperation, patience, and efficiency which I feel is something I can bring to the table.

Future plans to better our Junior Board this year would include planning and using every minute to help fund our Board. Though I realize that we may be a little behind schedule, I feel those in charge in the future, hopefully including myself, should be able to pick up the slack and hit the ground running with 110%.

I personally feel that I am different from my opposing candidates because I have a go-getter attitude and do not give up easily. I also have a knack for thinking creatively which I believe could really benefit our Board. I feel that these, among many other qualities, are what make for amazing Junior Board officers.

Theresa Nguyen

I strongly believe I am qualified for this position due to the fact that I am an organized, productive, and competent person, who is absolutely determined to have make an unforgettable year for the class of 2018.

My plans to make Junior Board better than ever is by bringing as many juniors to become active and involved members in the meetings. On top of that, I will use my skills as Secretary to keep a keen and clean record of upcoming events, which will help juniors be aware.

I huge difference from everyone else and I is that I was the former Secretary of Sophomore Board. I have experience and knowledge to bring to the challenges of this job. My maturity, along with my experience, will enable me to do a terrific job for the Board.

Candidates for Treasurer

Mayln Omisore

Hi everyone, my name is Mayln Omisore and I am running for Junior Board Treasurer. I think I am qualified for this position, for the reasons that I can help raise money for Junior Board by bringing in a diverse community of people into our club. I am involved in clubs, sport teams, volunteer work, ASB. I also have great connections with some of the administrators on our campus. I am reliable, organized, and hardworking. And with this I can help create a better year for Junior Board.

Some of the plans I have this year for Junior Board are that, I not only plan to focus on raising money for prom but for other future senior events. I plan to spread the word to as many people as possible about fundraisers early. I also want to do fundraisers at places that aren’t over used by other clubs or organizations at our school. I also want to make a Facebook and a Instagram account in order to get the word out about events and fundraisers. As well as keep good track of the money that is made and spent.

What makes me different from everyone else is that I am a very outgoing person and I am not afraid to stand up for what I believe in. In addition, I have confidence in myself and I know with hard work and dedication I can win this election. I know the importance of this position, what my duty is, and how I can get things done. My focus is not all on prom but to better this club and to focus on other aspects of this club, in order to reach our set goal. My experiences with activities on campus and my connections with various groups of people make me different from everyone else.

Tommy Chan

I believe I am qualified to be Junior Board Treasurer because I have experience with the position from being Freshman and Sophomore Board Treasurer. My experience as Treasurer for two years has helped me refine my skills and help me learn from mistakes I have done in the past. I believe my classmates deserve the best senior year and I am determined to make it possible. I am really good at math which helps when I need to keep track of the money we have fundraised and I am very organized and punctual so I can keep track of the money and update the President if ever required.

To improve on my experience on Sophomore Board to benefit Junior Board, I plan to increase our total amount of members by advertising our purpose more to our class. I also plan to interact more with the Student Store Director, Mrs. Chin, to keep a more up to date record of our club financially. Advertising to more people about supporting our Board at fundraisers will also benefit our cause in a significant way. One complaint about Sophomore Board last year was that our officers were not open about fundraiser ideas and opportunities so I plan on listening more to the class about ideas we can do to fundraise money because this is for our senior year after all. Even if they are not participating directly with the Board, they are still part of the cause since it is our senior year activities.

What differentiates me from the other Treasurer candidates is that I have a lot of experience to offer to Junior Board. My experience as class Treasurer for two years will put me ahead of the other candidates because I know what to do as the financial officer and I learned from simple mistakes that I made when I first started out. I also come from a family of accountants with a sister who was class Treasurer for her year, adding on to experience and support from those who have and have had similar responsibilities.

Erin Gonzalez

I know I am qualified for this position because I am filled with determination. My mind is set on giving us a fun and successful school year and I believe that I’m capable of making that happen. I know how to manage money well and keep it safe. My motivation comes from my friends and all of the Juniors. I know that all of my hard work that I’m willing to put in will be worth it in the long run.

I’ve attended various fundraisers and have an idea of which have been most successful, such as laser tag and skyzone. Although, I think that the key to a successful fundraiser is to really spread the word and get as many people to come. It’s not about where you are, but who you’re with. If we can get everyone to bring their friends, they’ll enjoy the event no matter where they are and more people will want to show up. This technique will not only help maximize our profit and raise the money we need, but create a closer bond for the class of 2018.

I feel that all the candidates have a lot of potential, but what really makes me stand out is my energy and creativity. I’m all about fun but i know when to be serious. I’m very approachable, friendly, and totally a people-pleaser. I’m more than aware that our class needs a lot of help with raising money and i know that i can make a difference.

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