Family Series “Just Add Magic” Wraps Campus Filming


Campus Filming Ends for Amazon TV Show

CAMPUS NEWS: “Just Add Magic” finishes filming Friday, September 16 on campus.

By Keshan Huang and Khrista Sayo | The Mirror Staff
September 18, 2016


Using Van Nuys High School’s campus to shoot two episodes, “Just Add Magic,” a family television series directed by Amazon Studios, finished filming on campus on Friday, September 16.

Directed by Keith Samples, The show, based on Cindy Callaghan’s young adult novel, is about three best friends who find a magical cookbook, which can give them what they want but may lead to unfortunate ramifications.

The series stars Olivia Sanabia, Abby Donnelly, Aubrey Miller, and Judah Bellamy.

Two episodes will utilize various parts of campus: the auditorium, Room 308 in the Art Building, and exterior locations around the Art Building.

According to film crew members, is quite challenging to coordinate the sounds and locations during the school day because students are bustling about all day long.

“The crew works on campus for 12 hours a day, so the environment can be “very loud during school hours,” explains Haley Hoffman.”

However, most of the actors, who are generally 10-16 years old, shoot for only 8.5 hours with a lunch break in between.

Hoffman, who finds all the aspects with shooting for “Just Add Magic” interesting, said that the experience of “seeing the outcome is really cool and interesting.”

Having aired their first season in January, the crew is currently working on their second season and will next travel to Sherman Oaks after finishing their two-day filming slot at Van Nuys High.

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