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It’s been a long time coming: The Eras Tour film is finally here

Both the concert and the film offered dazzling perspectives on Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour.
SWIFTIES UNITE Both the Eras Tour live concert and film were spectacular showcases of Taylor Swift’s artistry and talent.

Stadiums buzzed with excitement as throngs of fans poured in by the thousands from numerous entrances of a 70,000 seat arena. The sea of pink cowboy hats, glitter, friendship bracelets and intricate handmade outfits was dense in stadiums across the country. Some partied so hard they created a two point three magnitude of Seismic activity in Seattle.

This was Taylor Swift’s “The Era’s Tour,” a compilation of the greatest hits of Swift’s 17-year-long career. It was a magical and monumental undertaking.

I was lucky enough to attend the concert on Aug. 8 at SoFi Stadium, and it was such an incredible experience. So, one could imagine my surprise and excitement when “Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour” film was announced back in August.

Many diehard fans did not have the opportunity to attend the concert due to the high demand for tickets and resulting Ticketmaster crash, and instead watched pieces of the tour posted online from other fans. The Eras Tour movie gave many an opportunity to see a professionally shot version of the show and a taste of the concert experience minus the shaky footage and poor sound quality.

After watching the film on Oct. 12, I analyzed whether the movie really made up for the concert experience.

At the live Eras Tour, the stadium was beyond huge. Pictures may do some justice, but it’s not until you’re actually sitting in your seat that you realize the immensity of the place.

The concert was four hours long, including opening performances by singer-songwriter Gracie Abrams and the HAIM sisters.

My fellow audience members and I were blessed with good weather that day. Although the sun’s rays beautifully filtered through the partially open roof of SoFi, it was the energy of the stadium that was the most vibrant in the arena.

Every attendee was given a bracelet that would light up periodically throughout the concert. The stadium would erupt in color for every song, themed for each “Era” and song. Swift has mentioned in the past that she does this so she can see every single fan in the arena. This choice also added creativity that considerably upped the already-high production quality.

As a huge fan myself, I had a ball.

The next day, my voice was hoarse from screaming the lyrics to every song, because where else can you shout the entirety of “We Are Never Getting Back Together” with 70,000 other Swifties without getting weird stares from the people around you?

The social element of the concert, particularly the opportunity to passionately sing your favorite songs with thousands of other fans, was the most beautiful thing. Each lyric and note can mean a completely different thing to each fan. Yet, the same words and melodies unite us as the music evokes the same joy, heartbreak, anger and grief in every member of the audience.

In all, Swift’s performance was extremely impressive. No matter how you feel about Taylor Swift or her music, she gave everything she had on stage during those four hours.

The set and costume designs were quite literally gorgeous. Taylor sported thirteen outfit changes throughout the entirety of the concert, each inspired by the aesthetics of her eras. Standout costumes include her rhinestone encrusted Versace bodysuit for the “Lover” era, pastel princess style ball gowns for the “Speak Now” era and a golden tasseled “Fearless” dress inspired by the outfit from the original album tour in 2009.

Overall, the in-person concert was unforgettable. The film was equally spectacular, but in a very different way.

When entering the AMC movie theater, I was met with a plethora of Eras Tour-themed excitement and paraphernalia. “Take a bracelet, leave a bracelet” tables lined the theater, and there were even stands decorated with balloons, streamers and posters where fans could take their own photos.

The movie started out with breathtaking CGI graphics. Friendship-bracelet title cards and the familiar countdown clock overture style served as the intro to the concert. I was met with exhilaration and chills as I heard the songwriter’s famous line: “My name is Taylor, and I was born in 1989!”

Since the concert was filmed at SoFi, I felt like I was reliving the same performance from a new perspective.

While the in person concert felt like a cumulative experience watching from afar, the movie felt like you were actually on stage, having a one-on-one experience with Swift.

The movie allowed for more of the behind the scenes production to be shown, like the changing of microphones that took place during each era segment, the details of the costumes and makeup and the specific facial expressions and nuances of Swift’s performance that I had missed originally. We are shown her multicolored Eras-themed manicure, trimmed short so she could play her Gibson and Taylor guitar.

We can also see the comradery between Swift and her background dancers, and even more of their amazing performances. Additionally, Swift’s vocals were clearer in the film, as the sound of cheering fans singing along was lowered. However, the opening artists were cut, along with the numerous times Swift spoke to her audience throughout the night introducing songs with small anecdotes. Also, there were no “documentary style” additions from behind the scenes of the production.

I was reminded just how well Swift commanded the stage, even in the subdued “Acoustic Sessions.” Despite all the lights, glitter, dancers and graphic screens sharing the stage with her, Swift was the most powerful element onstage.

Watching the movie in the Dolby theater was a totally immersive experience. It had the exhilarating essence of being at the concert, as the bass practically shook the seats during especially loud songs like “Bad Blood” and “Look What You Made Me Do.”

Swift’s fans range vastly in age. So in some cases, the movie allowed for younger fans, who might have been overwhelmed by the vast stadium, screaming fans and loud music, to see the show.

At the movie showing I attended, the audience danced and sang along to all their favorite songs.

In all, I was completely blown away by both shows. While it may not be exactly like the in-person concert, the movie encapsulates the experience very well. The film is a perfect option for people who missed the concert, or for those who loved it so much they want to relive it.

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  • B

    Basis Osindki SoaresDec 1, 2023 at 4:53 pm

    I agree, the show was amazing. My granddaughters went six times to AMC Theater, I the grandmother went four times. Loved It!

    • J

      JesseDec 2, 2023 at 4:36 am

      Written like someone who has been a journalist for decades. i am a Taylor fan, did not go to any concerts, but thru this great report i know more about it and really understand how big of a deal it really was. Great job Adrianna. I am sure it was a lot of work..