The most affordable fighter jets for students

Planning on getting your driver’s license during the summer? Here are some affordable fighter jets that you can start with!



Currently there is only one privately owned F-4, making this plane one-of-a-kind.

Showing up in a flashy car is one of the best feelings for a student in the morning. There’s no excuse not to take it up a notch and show up in a full-on fighter jet. Here are some of the best options for students:

F-4 Phantom II
The F-4 is an early cold war era fighter developed by McDonnell Douglas, and is capable of reaching supersonic speeds. Currently, only one F-4 is on the market. For 1.5 million dollars, you can fly this mach-capable fighter. As of now, this aircraft is 85% restored and is the only F-4 which is privately owned and capable of flight. Some cons are that the aircraft is used, consumes lots of fuel and requires crew maintenance after every flight, making it quite expensive to maintain and fly. This plane is capable of reaching speeds of over 1500 miles per hour depending on the altitude. The jet is a two seater and has a twin engine design, meaning one can fly with a co-pilot and reach above-average acceleration (for its time).

Although the Tornado is retired, this plane is still an extremely capable fighter. (WIKIMEDIA COMMONS)

Tornado F2A
The tornado was built in the early 1980’s and was developed for the British, Italian, and German air forces. This plane can also reach supersonic speeds with use of an afterburner. Although the price for this plane is not specified, it can be purchased here. The aircraft has a swing-wing design, meaning the wings adjust depending on the speed of the aircraft. The tornado is a great choice for students as its two seater design allows you to take a joyride with a friend. The long-distance fighter can carry up to 240 gallons of fuel which is plenty for a commute to school.

This plane is still used in the air force of various countries, 50 years after its conception. (WIKIMEDIA COMMONS)

MiG 21 UM

This fighter aircraft is also a two seater aircraft which was first produced in 1959 by the Soviet aerospace company, Mikoyan Gurevich. This cold war era jet is available for purchase here. The MiG 21 can reach mach 1, or as fast as the speed of sound. The plane requires crew maintenance after every flight. This fighter can carry 634 gallons of fuel, due to its high fuel consumption even without the use of afterburners.

Currently used by many NATO countries, the F35 is the most technologically capable fighter in the world. (WIKIMEDIA COMMONS)

Honorable Mention: F35B Lightning II
The F35B is a multirole stealth fighter and is the most technologically capable fighter in the world. The F35B has VTOL capability meaning it can take off and land vertically using advanced thrust control. Currently this aircraft is only sold to NATO allies and has an average unit cost of 70 to 80 million dollars. At the time of writing, there is no way for a civilian to obtain an F35B due to its classified capabilities. If obtainable, this aircraft would be the best for getting to school due to its VTOL capability, meaning it can land almost anywhere without a runway. Some downsides are that the aircraft is a one-seater, and the fact that its true capability is classified.