Girls softball team sustain another devastating loss

The girl’s softball team played against Panorama High School on Tuesday, May 2, and although they fought their hardest, they ended up losing 16-6.

Highlights | 

  • The first baseman Margaret Perez, #24, had a lot of good plays and was able to get a good number of girls out from the opposing team.
  •  Ariel Puente, #11, who is the shortstop on the team, played really well. She had a fast pace and her hits were really good.
  • Gabriela Martinez, #6, pitched the entire game and her pitches were on point.

What’s Next | After this devastating loss, the girls softball team will face the Reseda Regents on Thursday, May 4, before ending the season with a losing streak.

Team thoughts | “I think we could have played a lot better if we practiced more and got more of a start in the season, then we probably would  have played better and beat the other schools,” said Gianna Iovino, #5.

Our thoughts | Although the girls softball team unfortunately lost another game, from what was said, we know the girls played their best and hopefully recover from this loss and bring back home a win in their next game.

For the books | 

  • 0 wins, 9 losses
  • Valley Mission League