Lockers! Lockers! Lockers!

Students and their relationship with their lockers.


Andrew Covarrubias

Students explain their opinion on the school lockers.

Lockers are something that the majority of students, no matter what school they attend use. Students Jazmin Alejandre and Cara Dechathong provide some insight as to what the locker is really used for and whether their positions are really convenient.

Alejandre uses her lockers daily to keep her textbooks and sports appliances in there.

“I put my textbooks for class, paper, and I like to leave my basketball shoes when I’m in season because I don’t want to carry them around and when I don’t use my jerseys, I put them in my locker so it’s kinda like a mini closet” Alejandre said.

Sometimes Dechathong doesn’t have sufficient time in between classes to go to her locker. 

“My classes are far apart and I feel like my locker isn’t close enough to my classes,” she said.

According to Assistant Principal Ms. Dawn Brown, lockers are randomly selected and the distance between a student’s class and their locker is not taken into account when lockers are assigned. 

Other issues that Alejandre faces when visiting her locker before or in between classes are forgetting her locker combination or her locker jamming unexpectedly. When this happens she usually just gives “it a little kick”.

Van Nuys High School’s lockers haven’t been upgraded recently but the school does request to get lockers fixed when multiple students complain about jammed lockers. 

Alejandre expressed her disdain for the inefficient lockers.

“I want the school to fix the lockers, like some of the lockers or some kids have outside lockers and think that’s really unfortunate”

— Jazmin Alejandre


Both students said that having a locker is very helpful because without it students would have to carry every single book in their backpacks and it would cause a lot of strain on their backs.

“Students could get back pain and they wouldn’t complain about not being able to find things because everything is all in one place,” said Dechathong.