Boys volleyball dominate their final regular-season game

On Tuesday, April 25, the Wolves volleyball team played their final game of the regular season against Panorama High School, and flattened them with a clean score of 3-0.


Noah Baek, #14, goes up for the kill against the Panorama Pythons on Tuesday, April 25.

Highlights | 

  • Jeremiah Cho, a freshman from JV joined the varsity team for this game to have his first ever blocks against the Pythons.
  • Niceo Erasmo, #13, had beautiful sets to his teammates, which led to some kills.
  • Nasim Abdul-Malik, #5, and Gursewak Singh, #23, both had amazing blocks, preventing the Pythons from scoring.
  • Duke Lee, #11, and Leo Mokhtari, #28, gave the Wolves multiple points from their powerful serves.

What’s next | After successfully taking down the Panorama Pythons, the Wolves will head to the playoffs on Tuesday, May 2. The first team that steps in their way of winning a chip are the 6-9 Monroe Vikings.

Team thoughts | “This game was a very peaceful game and one of our easier matchups considering that their best player was out. However, we still gave it our all and stayed humble throughout the entire game, which is why I think we were able to defeat them by many points,” said Junior Noah Baek.

Our thoughts | The boys volleyball team had a magnificent game against the Pythons. Everyone played their position perfectly and strongly communicated to one another. Although their season is sadly coming to an end, I hope to see them perform as amazing as how they are doing now.

For the books | 

  •  7 wins, 5 losses
  • Valley Mission League