Bloom into spring with this playlist

As the flowers blossom in stop by and smell the roses to these lovely tunes



The only playlist for this spring season.

Although spring came late this year the bees have started buzzing and the weather finally feels warm enough to take a stroll in the park. 

Oftentimes this fever that spring exudes puts people in the mood of love, bliss and togetherness. Music brings people closer, so what better way to spend spring than to play some warm, upbeat songs in the background of what you’re doing? So, for those couples or friends who have a special picnic, road trip or simply want new music to explore to fit the vibe of this season, this spring playlist is all you need. 

Or, if you have to tackle a tedious task like deep-cleaning your house this spring, why not listen to music that’ll make you feel like you’re walking through a field of fresh flowers as you’re dusting your shelves?

As you delve into each track you’ll find that the sound of spring doesn’t just include obnoxious pop music you hear over and over on the radio. From artists like Corinne Bailey Rae to Mei Ehara you’ll be awakened to the flowering songs of this season. 

Listen to the spring playlist here.