Bubbling over: The allure of Quickly Boba

The after-school hangout’s convenience, variety and affordability makes it a hit among students.



Quickly boba renamed after “Donut King”, is the popular after school hang out for the students of Van Nuys High School

The abridged version of this article appeared in the Feb. 2023 print edition of The Mirror. This is an uncut version.

As she walks down the pavement with the familiar route of her weekly boba runs etched into her memory, junior Lucy Nguyen can’t help but feel a sense of excitement. 

Navigating around a tree, she finally reaches her destination: Quickly Boba. As she pushes the door open, the noise and energy of the shop wash over her, making her heart race with anticipation. She takes a deep breath and steps into line, her mind already running through the possibilities of what to order.

For Nguyen, getting boba after school is a ritual. She’s been a frequent customer at Quickly Boba for the past two years, and has even established four go-to drinks that never fail to satisfy her cravings.

As she approaches the counter, she can feel the weight of the choices ahead of her, knowing that each sip will transport her to a different flavor experience. She glances at the menu board, her eyes scanning the colorful array of options. Should she go for the Okinawa milk tea, with its rich and creamy caramel notes? Or perhaps the Hokkaido milk tea with its subtle and satisfying green tea aftertaste? The decision is a tough one, but one that is always worth it.

Quickly Boba is located down the street from Van Nuys High School and it has become common for many students to visit after school, as the short distance makes it favorable.

“It’s amazing to have something like bubble tea just five minutes away,” Nguyen said.

Local Quickly Boba manager Andrew Pheng says students from Van Nuys High School currently make up about 50% of their customers.

Senior Jessica Ly, an employee at Quickly Boba, comments on the amount of customers they get after school.

“On a good rush day, we’ll get over 100,” she said. “If it’s a mini rush, I would say an estimate of around 30 to 45.”

Manager Pheng is working towards including more specials, but inflation and a rise in minimum wage is currently preventing him from doing so. He does have one planned for the near future.

“We probably will have a six percent off deal for high school students,” he said.

It is also possible for students to hold fundraisers at the location; they just need to fill out a form provided by the school office and give it to the manager along with the date they want the fundraiser to be.

Quickly Boba is the perfect spot for an after-school boba run for the students at Van Nuys High School. With its proximity to the school, students can easily drop by for a refreshing drink and maybe a bite to eat before heading home. With a wide variety of drink options and affordable prices, it’s no wonder Quickly Boba has become a popular place among students.