VNHS Digital Media ventures into the field of filmmaking

Here’s a behind the scenes look at of one of digital media’s advanced film projects: Rigby


When looking at a finished piece of media, whether it’s a book, a tv show or a movie; often people take for granted the time and care put into writing, creating, planning and producing that  entertainment. What ends up being an hour and a half on the big screen can take months, even years to produce and distribute.

These students from the Video production 2 class are halfway through filming their semester-long collaboration project; “Rigby,” a visual treatment of the song Eleanor Rigby by The Beatles. The project has been in pre-production since December, paying careful attention to screenwriting and casting the film. The crew has utilized talent from the performing arts program, including the drama, graphic design, and musical arts program here at the school.

“Rigby” is set to premiere on Friday, May 19th at the Annual Digital Media video showcase. Please come to room 118 to inquire about tickets.