The Wolves two-game winning streak comes to an end

On Monday, March 13, the Wolves boys volleyball team went against the Reseda Regents and unfortunately lost with a score of 0-3.

Highlights | 

  • In the first set, the Wolves kept up with the Regents until the last few points, but lost 24-26.
  • In the second set, the Regents and the Wolves were head to head towards the end of the set, but the Wolves trailed behind, losing the set with a score of 24-26 once again.
  • The wolves tried their hardest the whole game but in the third set, they struggled to keep up with the Regents, losing 21-25.
  • Antonieco Erasmo, #13, gave his teammates multiple sets, leading to unstoppable spikes, giving the Wolves multiple points.
  • Devin Brown, #3, and Leo Mokhtari, #28, helped their team a lot by receiving the ball for the setter multiple times, to set up plays for the whole team
  • Noah Baek, #14, Sodbayar Ganbat, #12, and Brown served powerful spikes against the Regents, getting the team many points.
  • Nasim Abdul-Malik, #5, and Erasmo blocked some of the Regent’s hardest hitters which kept the scores much closer, and even gained points off of it

What’s next | After a devastating loss against the Regents, the Wolves will next take on one of their rivals, the Canoga Park Hunters on Wednesday, March 15, in the Hunter’s lodge.

Team thoughts | “I think the game today was a very intense one, due to the fact that both teams kept scoring back and forth. Although we lost in the end, I am very proud of our team for playing our hardest and not giving up at the end,” Junior Noah Baek said.

Our thoughts | The Wolves played an outstanding game against the Regents. The game could’ve gone either way due to the fact that each set was very close. Although they lost, I believe that if they continue their hard work and practice, they could do amazing in their future games. 

For the books | 

  • 2 wins, 1 loss
  • Valley Mission League