Boys volleyball unable to shake off their losing streak

The boys volleyball team played the Valley Academy of Arts & Science Vipers and lost on Wednesday, March 1, with a score of 1-3.

Highlights | 

  • The Wolves won the first set 25-17, but during the second set, they were unable to pick up passes or serves. 
  • Antonieco Erasmo, #13, was playing well by setting up many sets so that Devin Brown, #3, and Noah Baek, #14, could secure lots of kills. 
  • Zacharie Millama, #7, served to the deep corner which resulted in a point to the wolves. 
  • Devin Brown, #3, was a solid passer throughout the game, and held the team together. One of his best hits during the game came from a nearly perfect pass, followed by a set from Erasmo, which Brown topped off the play with a kill that the opponents couldn’t reach.
  • Leo Mokhtari, #28, was a great server and got over 5 good kills from his serves. 

What’s next | The boys volleyball team will play the Canoga Park Hunters at an away game on Wednesday, March 15. A couple days later on Monday, March 20 they will face the Sylmar Spartans at the Wolves’ den. 

The word on campus | “It was a really close game, and we could’ve won if we were locked in a bit more. I’m a bit disappointed, but we can build on ourselves to work on what we could’ve done better. I think we definitely have to work on our mentality as a team and we shouldn’t give up after we start losing a couple points,” said junior Noah Baek. 

Our thoughts | There are a couple games that I think the boys volleyball team could’ve won, but unfortunately got bested in the second and third set. Although they lost, I know they can get their winning streak back. Make sure to support the Wolves’ in the upcoming games!

For the books | 

  • 2 wins, 1 loss
  • Valley Mission League