Boys volleyball suffer their first loss of the season

The boys volleyball team played the Monroe Vikings and lost on Friday, Feb. 17, with a score of 1-3.

Highlights | 

  • The Wolves were missing four of their starting players, one missing captain, two liberos, an opposite hitter and a starting outside hitter.
  • Devin Brown, #3, had to step up and play setter instead of his original position as outside hitter. 
  • Noah Baek, #14, had amazing spikes against the Vikings which were set by Devin Brown, #3. Brown gave the Wolves multiple points.

What’s next | The boys volleyball team will play their next game on Monday, March 6, against the San Fernando Tigers. A couple days later, they will come home and play a game against Kennedy High on Wednesday, March 8.

The word on campus | “The game against Monroe was disappointing, they are not as good compared to us when we have our starting lineup, but we were missing so many players so the game was under very bad circumstances,” said varsity player Devin Brown.

Our thoughts | This was a disappointing loss after a win in their first game but all the effort the team put into the game is incredible. A great future is coming for our boys volleyball team, so make sure to support them throughout their season. 

For the books | 

  • 4 wins, 3 losses
  • Valley Mission League