Kali Uchis expels divine femininity in her new album “Red Moon in Venus”

In Uchis’ third studio album, she releases a body of work that represents all levels of love, releasing people with love, drawing love into your life and self-love.


Cho Gi-seok (Courtesy of Good Machine PR)

Kali Uchis in her album cover for Red Moon In Venus modeling an array of butterflies.

Since R&B singer Kali Uchis released her last album “Sin Miedo (del Amor y Otros Demonios)” back in 2020, she’s been busy curating songs for her new album “Red Moon in Venus”. She began teasing her album with the single, “I Wish you Roses” which was released on January 19th then came out with another track “Moonlight” on February 24th. 

Alongside all the titles, artists like Omar Apollo, Don Toliver and Summer Walker appear on a few of these songs. These features have fans and followers thrilled hearing how each of these artists unique singing styles come together with Kali and her passionate lyrics. 

Uchis expressed what to expect as you listen and the meaning behind the album’s title in a press release saying, “The moon and Venus work together to make key aspects of love and domestic life work well. This body of work represents all levels of love releasing people with love, drawing love into your life and self-love.” Like her last album “Sin Miedo”, Uchis is releasing more songs about the intimacy and lust that comes with being in love and manifesting others to you.

Right from the two songs she released before the album I could already envision another potential song like “Telepatia”, “Dead To Me”, or “Melting” going viral all over social media. The occasional Spanish lyrics give the tracks even more soul and charm that comes with the songs Kali produces. The track “Hasta Cuando” brings back her 2018 songs “Flight 22” and “Feel Like a Fool” when she released her album “Isolation”. In her mix of Spanish and English lyrics, Uchis harmonizes with the sweet and catchy melody to speak about an obsessive ex-partner. 

As I listened to the album’s newly released tracks a few of the songs slightly disappointed me. With some of my favorite artists like Omar Apollo on the track “Worth the Wait” and Summer Walker on “Deserve Me”, the melodies did not entirely complement the vocals of each of these featured artists. When it comes to some of my favorite, go-to artists like Kali Uchis, it’s hard for me to be unsatisfied, but “Red Moon In Venus” somewhat lowered my expectations. Although, for tracks like “Hasta Cuando”, “Moonlight”, and “Endlessly”, these songs I can see myself relistening to. 

After 3 years since her last release, Uchis’ older albums like “Isolation” and “Por Vida” still stand as the singer’s top albums from her entire discography. With features ranging from Steve Lacy to Tyler the Creator in “Isolation”, the newer albums she’s released don’t equate. Nonetheless, “Red Moon In Venus” deserves a listen for anyone exploring Latin pop artists that can work with both the smooth rhythm of R&B and the catchy melody of pop music.