REVIEW | Beabadoobee’s new single Glue Song will be stuck in your head all year long

With Beabadoobee’s fan-favorite single release on Feb. 14 many are feeling the extra love on Cupid’s day.



Beabadoobee sitting in the background of her grandpa’s homegrown tree

What started off as a rough snippet posted to her Instagram, has now gained thousands of fans’ attention and excitement all over TikTok. Singer and songwriter Beabadoobee announced the release of her single “Glue Song” on TikTok revealing how special this song is to her. She says “I wrote this song about a boy called Jacob Erland, I hope this song makes you happy as much as he makes me happy.” Just as she hoped, thousands of fans are beyond ecstatic about its release. One fan on TikTok says, “Bea is so good. Every song she releases is so pretty.” From the moment you hear the violin hum to her voice harmonize with the melody, Glue Song makes you feel as if you’re living in a romance movie. 

Beabadoobee (Bea for short) never fails to amaze fans like me when it comes to releasing self written music. Even in simple lyrics Bea sings throughout Glue song and in her music, she still manages to touch the hearts of many. As she sings, “Tangled in love stuck by you from the glue,” there’s no other deeper meaning behind it.  The lyrics are meant just as they’re read, Bea and her partner are so connected that they’re stuck together like glue. The approach Bea had for Glue song came across just as intended, to simply be about love.  

Alongside the love song’s release, Bea came out with a music video directed by her and her partner Jacob Erland. This special and personal video documented the time she and Erland spent in her hometown Iloilo city in Panay, Philippines. The music video not only holds the song all fans have been anticipating but it captures the beauty of the island and her family. With Bea’s grandmother and neighborhood kids running around, many are able to feel the love she hoped to depict for her hometown and the heartwarming song. 

The music video for Glue Song was the most beautiful part of the song as it pictured the nature and scenery of the Philippines in a breathtaking way. Bea videotaping her homeland Iloilo also made me feel represented like she intended. On the day of the song’s release she stated on Instagram, “I wanted to capture how beautiful ilo ilo is as I haven’t seen much of it on the internet and I thought I needed that when I was growing up.” 

In all, the meaning and video behind the song gave me so much comfort, and so did it for many other fans. Whether you dedicate this song to your lover, grandma or pet, it fits all of the above. That’s what makes this song so lovable and perfect just in time for Valentine’s day or any day of the year.