Girls Water Polo team continue their winning streak, defeating the Marymount Sailors

The girls water polo team beat Marymount High School on Friday, Jan. 20, with a score of 10-9.

Highlights | 

  • The score was 0-3 for the first 2 quarters, which motivated the team to try harder and learn the tactics and playing habits of their opponents. 
  • Eventually, both teams were tied by the 4th quarter, leading the Wolves to an intense two overtime quarters. 
  • Team Captain Lorena Guevara, #5, shot farther than the six meter line for the first time and scored a goal.

What’s next | In the next game, the Wolves will face Marquez Huntington Park High on Monday, Jan. 23, at the Gladiators’ colosseum.

Team thoughts | 

“That game was definitely a core memory game, I remember all of us had this mindset that was like “oh no, we can’t win”, because Marymount has played a lot of games and they have gone up against a lot of really good schools,” said Lorena Guevara, #5.

Word on Campus| “I have been keeping up with the girls water polo team, and I am very impressed on how they have won every single one of their games. I look forward to seeing their future games,” said Isabel Valles.