Everything you need to know: Winter Formal

The what, where, why’s and how’s of the winter formal.



Senior Board President Abby Lee and Vice President Raina Marangattu discuss Winter Formal details.

Winter Formal will take place on Feb. 4th from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. in the big gym. 

With Senior Board in charge of planning, President Abby Lee promised it to be an annual dance that celebrates the winter season. There will be activities like karaoke and games, such as Jenga and darts. The theme for this year is Winter Wonderland. 

“It’s gonna be nicely decorated,” Vice President Raina Marangattu said. “We’ve already put in orders for a bunch of balloons, snowflakes and more. Everything will be white and blue esque, snow and snowflakes. Kind of like Elsa’s ice castle.”

A DJ and open dance floor will be available for students to enjoy. Additionally, attendees will be able to take photos with props and get them printed out. There will also be an In-N-Out Burger truck with free food, as it is included with each person’s ticket.

Compared to the turn-out of other dances like Homecoming, Winter Formal is not as popular, but Marrangattu pointed out that doesn’t make it any less fun. 

 “It is a smaller dance, but we have a lot of things available for them to do so I advise everyone to go,” she said.

Additionally, the experience of mingling with peers and going to dances is what makes high school an experience to remember. 

“Spending time with your friends and going to a school dance is part of the high school experience so why not be a part of that,” she said.

Tickets started at $15 last week and are being sold for $25 this week and $50 at the door. Tickets are being sold at the student store during lunch and nutrition.

Both Lee and Marrangattu want everyone to show up to winter formal, whether it be for the food, the decor or just to have a good time.

“Winter formal is gonna be so fun. Be there, or be square. Come to Winter Formal,” Lee said.