Couldn’t get enough of the World Cup? Here’s a wrap of the top matches

As the 2022 FIFA World Cup played out, students were finding any way they could to catch the matches during the school day. Some huddled around phones and tablets, streaming the games in between classes, while others gathered in classrooms to watch the action on TVs set up by teachers. Despite the distractions, these dedicated fans were not going to miss a moment of the thrilling competition.

Argentina emerged victorious over France in the final, defeating them 4-2 in a penalty shootout after the match ended in a 3-3 draw. This marks Argentina’s third World Cup win and their first since 1986. France, who had previously displayed formidable strength throughout the tournament, did not perform to their usual standards in the final match, potentially due to a flu outbreak that had affected their team in the days leading up to the game. Despite France’s difficulties, Kylian Mbappe scored two goals in the final 10 minutes of normal time to bring the score level at 2-2. However, Argentina’s star player, Lionel Messi, sealed the win with a skilled move that saw the ball cross the line, despite France’s protests. Mbappe scored his third goal of the match with a penalty two minutes before the end, but it was not enough to secure France’s victory as they were defeated by Argentina in the shootout.

All in all there were many exciting matches, with Brazil sending a warning to their competitors with a 4-1 win over South Korea, France dominating against Australia, Portugal defeating Switzerland 6-1, Morocco eliminating Spain in a thrilling game that went to penalties, Saudi Arabia causing a major upset against Argentina, Japan stunning Germany with a comeback win, and Mexico coming out on top against Sweden. Here is a round-up of some of the more memorable moments.

Brazil vs. South Korea

Brazil sent out a warning to all their competitors with a stunning 4-1 win over South Korea in the World Cup. Vinicius Junior scored within the seventh minute, giving Brazil an early lead. They continued to show their dominance by scoring three more goals in the next 29 minutes. Brazil’s goalkeeper, Alisson, also made impressive saves to keep South Korea off the board. South Korea fought back when Paik Seung-Ho scored on a laser beam goal from outside the box, but Brazil continued to dominate, taking a 4-0 lead after Lucas Paquetas scored his first goal of the World Cup late in the first half. Brazil became one of the first teams to score four goals in the first half of a knockout stage since Germany in 2014. South Korea suffered a brutal 4-1 loss and was eliminated from the World Cup.

“Brazil decided to play really dirty, the whole time they were shoving and pushing Korean players to the floor and in 10 to 20 mins they have already scored 2 goals which is okay, but they had to understand that South Korea fought to get there and if they’re gonna play dirty it’s not fair,” said senior Ashley Monic.

France vs. Australia

France dominated against Australia in the World Cup, with leading striker Mbappe leading the charge. Australia started strong with an early goal in the ninth minute, but France quickly responded with a goal in the 27th minute to tie the game. France used this momentum to score three more goals and prove their dominance as a team.

Portugal vs. Switzerland

Portugal outclassed Switzerland in a 6-1 victory in the World Cup. There was speculation about whether it was the right decision to bench Cristiano Ronaldo for backup striker Goncalo Ramos, but Ramos proved his worth by scoring a hat trick for Portugal. Portugal secured the win with three more goals, moving forward in the competition for the trophy.

Morocco vs. Spain

The Morocco vs. Spain match in the World Cup was a thrilling game, with both teams holding their own for 120 minutes of play. The game went to penalties, where Spain missed their first three shots, which were blocked by Bono, the Moroccan keeper. Morocco made all three of their penalties, securing the win and eliminating Spain from the World Cup.

“I thought it was a pretty good game, it was well-balanced, the teams were going at each other. I thought Spain was gonna win in penalties but Morocco came from behind, they beat Spain 3-0 and it was pretty surprising,” said senior Johnathan Yanez.

Argentina vs. Saudi Arabia

The Argentina vs. Saudi Arabia match in the World Cup was a major upset in Group C. Argentina took an early lead with a penalty from Messi, but Saudi Arabia tied the game in the 48th minute and took the lead with another goal in the 53rd minute. The game ended with Saudi Arabia’s first World Cup win with a final score of 2-1, and Argentina’s 36-game winning streak ended with the loss.

“Argentina sucks, go Saudi Arabia,” said senior Veronica Avlos.

Japan vs. Germany

Japan stunned Germany with a comeback win in the World Cup, overcoming a 1-0 deficit in the second half. 2014 World Cup winners Germany had secured a penalty in the second half, but Japan fought back with two late goals to secure the win. The final score was 2-1, with Japan moving on in the competition.

Mexico vs. Sweden

Mexico faced a tough match against Sweden in the World Cup, but ultimately came out on top with a 3-0 victory. Hirving Lozano scored the first goal in the 35th minute, and Mexico added two more in the second half to secure the win. Mexico moved on in the competition with the victory.