Re-restorative action against conflicts on campus

On Tuesday, Oct. 18, a physical altercation broke out on the quad between two students. Measures were taken to provide adequate punishment for the students involved.



Administrators supervise the area as the conflict is swiftly dealt with by other faculty.

The latest in a series of fights on campus broke out between two girls on the quad during lunch on Tuesday, Oct. 18. 

As a crowd began to form around the brawling girls, cheering could be heard. Many students pulled out their cell phones and began recording instead of trying to stop the fighting.

As administrators and staff members arrived on the scene to intervene, the crowd of spectators made it difficult for them to stop the conflict at first, but they quickly managed to end the altercation.

The girls involved are now facing consequences for their behavior. 

The perpetrators are now facing suspension, according to Assistant Principal Ms. Anabel Bonney, who underscores that all students involved in any fights will be suspended immediately. She also says that while it’s hard to pull apart these fights when they happen, there are many staff members stationed around the school that are there to help. 

She also said that in this case, the girls who fought had talked to Restorative Justice Counselor Mr. Douglas Cloutier previously regarding their issues and they seemed to be resolved, but their conflict had reemerged leading to the fight.