First on the list, Senior Kickoff. Check!

A glimpse of the very first event of the year on Oct. 11 dedicated to seniors.

On Tuesday, Sept. 11, during periods five and six, the Senior Board and ASB finally hosted the senior kickoff event after it was postponed twice due to poor weather conditions and dangerous high heat warnings.

Like last year, this year’s theme was color wars. Seniors could wear either blue, green, pink or yellow to show off their senior spirit. The senior board also set up stands for face painting in each senior’s respective color team.

Compared to previous years’ events being held on the football field, this year was held on the softball field and the blacktop due to the filming of “Young Sheldon” on the field. This led to a more limited event compared to previous years because of the smaller spact that the softball field offered. Many tabletop games, events, and even performances were cut off because of the limitation. 

Many seniors were not in favor of the event being held on the softball field.

“I wish we were able to get on the field, the actual football field, like last year, and I wish there were more events. I remember last year, there was a racing event and I was looking forward to doing that, but other than that, it was pretty cool. I really like the color wars too.” Senior Eric Heng said. 

Seniors were still able to participate in games with each other such as the three-legged race and the sack race, while others played catch with each other. Some students even brought card games such as “UNO” to entertain themselves. 

However, many seniors unanimously believe that the main problem with the kickoff was the lack of events. 

“There could’ve been more activities. Or maybe they could’ve started preparing senior kickoff earlier so that there’s more to do. I feel like there just weren’t many things to do, there were only two activities besides face painting.” Senior Gia Rizvi said.

During the event, the dance company performed a variety of different songs to amp up senior spirit.

Food was distributed to seniors with tickets at the beginning of period six. With a choice between pepperoni and cheese pizza, a variety of chips, and a water bottle, seniors could take a seat on tables laid out on the grass and chat amongst friends.

As always, seniors ended the event with a panoramic picture of all the seniors with their respective color groups. 

Even with the many limitations, most seniors were satisfied with how the event turned out. 

“I really enjoyed it, it was really fun, but I feel like we were limited because of certain events and I think that it is our last year, we shouldn’t be limited, we should have all of that. We should be able to use our field, we should be able to have the things we should have. But other than that, it was very fun and very active and I loved the face painting.” Senior Leo Mokhtari said.

This was the very first senior event that brought seniors together for the year. The class of 2023 should expect many more planned days dedicated to them.