High school should teach students about adult responsibilities.



Most schools adore discussing on the subject of students’ future and yet they don’t teach enough resources to prepare them.


If you ask a high schooler if they know the benefits of having a high credit score, they probably won’t know how to respond. 

School loves glorifying the future of students, yet they barely teach us about the realities of growing up, like doing taxes and managing money. 

Sure, many life skills are learned through experiences, but even then, learning the fundamentals at an earlier age would make a big difference in teens’ lives.

According to Cision PR Web, around 66% of teenagers feel powerless and uneasy about their futures. However, if more schools required a class on life skills, teens would feel less troubled thinking about their lives after high school. The majority of school focuses on the academic aspects, but will that truly be useful in our day-to-day lives? 

Is it that hard to at least have one class “taken” away from academics to teach students how to live as an adult?  

People argue that parents are supposed to do the job of teaching their children, but not all children are fortunate enough to have parents to educate them. 

Some immigrant parents aren’t as knowledgeable about the American education system compared to parents born here in America. By having a life skills class, students will not only be more prepared for the future, but they will also put less stress on their parents for what comes after high school.