ASB sets off one of the first events of the year with Club Rush

ASB hosts the first club event of the year at the quad during lunch on Thursday, Sept. 15 to give new and returning clubs an opportunity to recruit new members for the new school year.



After getting postponed due to hot and unsafe weather, Club Rush finally took place on Thursday, Sept. 16 during lunch at the Quad.


Over 50 clubs set up booths to attract new members for the school year. 


While familiar returning clubs make an appearance such as Key Club, American Red Cross Club and Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA), new clubs also set up booths to promote and attract potential members such as Lavender Club, Upscale Fashion Club and Crafts for a Cause Club. 


Each club set up decorations, posters for their club and a sign-up sheet for anyone interested. Some clubs gave away candies or knick-knacks or set up activities that reflected their club theme. 

“TASSEL focuses on helping provide English education to Cambodian children living in rural villages. Why should students join your club: It’s a great opportunity to help make a difference in the lives of underserved children that don’t have access to the same resources in education that we do. ” – President Angelica Venturina and Vice President Jeanette Tapia of the TASSEL club

“Our club is a place for students to socialize with others and have discussions about Christian faith” –  President Shahen Akopyan and Vice President Roy Park of the Christ club”

“Chess Stars is a fun community where people could come to share their love of Chess with each other and of course learn to play the game if you do not know already. ” – President Shahen Akopyan and Vice President Sodbayar Ganbat of the Chess Stars club

“Key club is the largest international student body led volunteer and service organization.” “Students should join key club to meet friends, get volunteer hours, possible scholarships up to 60k dollars, and overall get the KEYS to open up the doors of opportunities. ” – President Devin Brown and Vice President Aaryan Jasthi of the Key Club

“Girl Up is a club that envisions a more equitable world for girls and women by developing their skills and advancing gender justice” – President Sudha Nandi and Vice President Loc Handke of the Girl Up club

“Our club is a safe for black people and people of color as well as to teach people about the person’s experience in being black in America” – Co-presidents Taylor Yates and Samara Augustine of the BSU club