POLITICS | Congressman Tony Cardenas speaks to economic and government students

Mr. Tony Cardenas comes to talk to students about how he became a Congressman, the issues he’s working on for the state and his advice for students of color who want to get involved in politics and represent the U.S.

What is happening | On Tuesday in the big gym during period 5, Congressman Mr. Antonio Cardenas came to the school to speak with students from economics, government and U.S. history classes. During this, Cardenas talked about his experience being the first person of color to represent the San Fernando Valley, his efforts in helping underprivileged communities in California and his plans for the state for this year, which will help reduce student loans and provide mental health resources to all people. He also had a Q&A, in which he answered questions from students.

Why does it matter | Mr. Cardenas is the first person of color to represent the San Fernando Valley, as well as the first person of color from Los Angeles to get elected to the State Legislature. He encouraged students who are minorities to not let their race or ethnicity hinder them from achieving the future they want to have, whether that be in college or getting job, especially in the political field. 

Born in Pacoima, California, raised by Mexican immigrant parents, Mr. Cardenas has served as a US representative for the congressional district since 2013. He primarily works on lowering prices of prescription drugs, ensuring affordable healthcare and combatting climate change. 

Who this applies to | Any student taking a government, economic or U.S. history class were given a summons to the big gym where Mr. Cardenas spoke to them and answered their questions. 

What they’re saying | “If you have in your heart to be a ‘we’ person and not a ‘me’ person, I encourage you to run for office, you’d make a great representative,”  Mr. Cardenas said.