The abortion law dividing America

As the Supreme Court grapples with the decision of one of the most hotly contested topics, it’s important to remember how it will affect the individuals and what a overturning could mean for our generation.



People have been protesting across the nation in support of or to try and ban Roe v. Wade. Protesters were in the Van Nuys Courthouse recently.

The Supreme Court is still deciding whether to overturn Roe v. Wade, which would be a threat to women’s, or any person with a female reproductive system, rights. This specifically involved the right for people to make decisions involving their bodies. 

Not only did this involve the millions of women in the United States, but this may have affected me in the future as well. I’m writing this, not just as a person who lives in America, but as a woman who lives in America who is greatly affected by this turn of events.

Overturning Roe v. Wade would mean the state would have had the power to make abortion decisions. Whether a woman is not able to birth a child due to health conditions, a woman was raped, or a woman can not afford to raise a child, that woman may have been forced to conceive this child if Roe v. Wade would have been overturned. 

Although the decision to not overturn it was made already, the fact that our fundamental rights as women are being threatened is disgusting. There are currently no laws against males that control their bodies and any decisions they make for themselves. 

Society and government laws continuously display sexism against women by trying to limit their rights compared to the rights and privileges that men are given. 

The consideration of overturning Roe v. Wade wasn’t about “saving babies,” it’s about controlling women’s decisions and having male power over their bodies. Women should not have to worry about if they can have a safe abortion, or worry about their health during pregnancy.

Abortions should always be an option and if you don’t agree, you don’t consider women’s safety and rights something important. 

Banning abortion also does not ban all abortions, it simply bans all safe abortions. Women will keep having abortions and risk their health in order to prevent themselves from having a child. Banning safe abortions will only increase the amount of unsafe abortions, which is hypocritical if you claim to be “pro-life.” 

Coming from El Salvador,  a country where abortions are still illegal, I can personally say the conditions in which women live in while pregnant are horrible. Unsafe abortions take place everyday and many women die from them. 

This can be seen in statistics as well. According to World Health Organization, forty five percent of all abortions are unsafe and ninety-seven percent of them take place in developing countries, one of these countries being El Salvador. Unsafe abortions are the leading cause of maternal deaths and is not saving any lives, much less the life of a fetus. 

The decisions that women make regarding their health should not be a “political debate.” This isn’t about politics at all. This is about the safety of women, especially pregnant women. Women being able to make the decision regarding their pregnancy is a right, not a topic for debate. 

It takes two people to conceive a child, and the fact that the person who is more likely to experience the effects of pregnancy and who has more health risks after intercourse is the one receiving a punishment and having their rights limited, is not morally correct. 

If your argument is about “saving the child,” or to “not kill the baby,” you need to read more and learn more. Fetuses don’t have an actual heartbeat until at least after 24 weeks. Women aren’t able to receive abortions after their 24th week of pregnancy. This law prevents any living “child” from being “killed.” Abortion isn’t murder, it is simply giving a woman the choice of conceiving her child or not. 

Abortions aren’t about saving children. Foster care doesn’t save children, adoption doesn’t save children, trying to force women, or any person with a uterus, to conceive a child is not saving children. This is killing women and limiting their rights. Refusing to acknowledge the rights that women deserve to have is morally and ethically wrong, and until that is spoken about, there should not be a debate about the ethical or moral “issues” of abortions.