Swim team freestyles to victory

The girls swim team earned first place with 384 points and the boys won second with 330 points on their April 27 meet.



Both teams have secured victories in their most recent outing.

Highlights April, 27 | 

  • The girls pulled through with Leah Cariaga, Paola Correa, Lesli Alvarez and Nicole Tover getting first for the two hundred yard medley relay.
  • The boys not far behind the girls with Angelo Keating getting second place for two hundred yard freestyle  and Edgar Lalafarian with a fifty yard freestyle.
  • Arman Mkrtumyan, Angelo Keating, Viet Thanh and Ben Gutiererrez coming in second place for a four hundred yard relay. 

What’s next | The next swim meet will take place on May 5 at Birmingham high school for league finals where Edgar Lalafarin with be competing.

The word on campus | “This was my first swim meet and it will for sure be one to remember. It was very thrilling and interesting and I hope to have the same experience if not better,” Edgar said. 

For the books | 

  • 7 wins, 0 losses 
  • Division Valley Mission