REVIEW | “Too Hot to Handle” is back with a fiery new season

Pack your bags and get ready to explore what the newest season has in store for this set of new contestants. Can this set of singles break the cycle of meaningless flings and form long-lasting relationships?



During the first week of February, the third season is currently the third-highest viewed show on Netflix.

We are back to the crystal clear waters and blazing sun of Turks and Caicos that brings 10 new, clueless contestants to Season Three of “Too Hot To Handle.”

The newest season was released on Jan. 19 and has landed lucky number three on Netflix’s’ ‘Top 10 in the U.S Today’ list.

Season Two brought a victorious ending to winner Marvin, leaving virtual assistant Lana to get straight to work and collect a new batch of contestants who will unknowingly go through a journey of abstinence. 

Lana is known to be the bearer of bad news as she flips their worlds upside down and is a major cockblock. 


The show revolves around the rules of no heavy petting, no kissing, no self-gratification and absolutely no sex for the next four weeks. Seems fairly simple especially with 200 thousand buckaroos on the line right?

Wrong. This was not as easy as it seemed for the young bachelors and bachelorettes. It was almost just as frustrating to watch.

This season’s 10 alluring contestants consist of Nathan, Georgia, Stevan, Harry, Patrick, Holly, Izzy, Jazlyn, Beaux and Robert “Truth.” 

Additional guests Obi, Olga, Brianna, Jackson and Gerhardus were introduced later in the show.

Introductions were immediately set in place allowing viewers a chance to be whisked away by these contestants’ charm and charisma. 

With no surprise, a steamy kiss was shared after the introductions and greetings between Izzy and Truth, already setting the tone for the pair and their intentions. Soon after, Izzy shared another passionate kiss with contestant Georgia that was the first of many headaches in store for watchers. 

With the sexual tension rising between contestants and relationships forming, viewers watched as decisions became more and more pricey and the cycle of meaningless flings continued.


The show’s most scandalous couple, Nathan and Holly, had given me and probably anyone who was watching the biggest headache. The pair alone had altogether lost the contestants $141,000 out of the $200,000 dollar prize throughout the season.  

While we watched a ton of rule breaks, we were also able to witness a ton of growth that stemmed from workshops hosted for the contestants. Relationship gurus Brenden Durell and Alexandra Roxo aided contestants with connecting with each other in ways that aren’t sexual and letting go of inner inhibitions.

Those shared moments between them surprisingly revealed to me that there were lessons that they would take with them when their time on the island is over. 

Undoubtedly, there were instances where some people were unable to grow or even grew as much as they could in the environment leading them to leave the island.

In the long run, Lana recognized that Nathan, Georgia and couple Harry and Beaux had grown the most during their time on the island. This left the rest of the contestants to vote for who they believe deserves the prize money. 

Unanimously, couple Harry and Beux won the $90,000 prize with Nathan in second place and Georgia in third. 

The show had its ‘What are you doing?!” moments and truly heartwarming moments when looking at the four weeks they spent on the island.

I’d rate it a 7/10 solely because it was super frustrating having to watch all the careless rule breaks.

‘Too Hot to Handle’ is available for streaming on Netflix now.