GIRLS BASKETBALL | Wolves look deadly with their second straight win

The pre-season success continues with wins against the Kennedy Cougars and Sylmar Spartans.

The bottom line | Unlike their match against Kennedy,  It was a tightly contested match with the final score being 44-40 on Jan. 24 against the Sylmar Spartans.

Highlights | 

  • The Wolves started a little rocky during the first half, but came back to win by outscoring their opponents in both quarters of the second half 
  • The player of the game was Cara Dechathong who shot 9 for 19, setting her own personal season-high of 23 points. 
  • The defense shined, recording 32 rebounds and an impressive 11 steals in the game.

Previous match |  The girl’s basketball team outscored the Kennedy Cougars 47-28 on Jan. 21 in home territory. The Wolves dominated through their first season game with great passes and uninterrupted runs of scoring. Even from the audience, their communication on the court was an important key to their success. The Wolves went into their second game of the season with increased confidence. 

What’s next | The girls will face Canoga Park on Jan. 26 followed by a match against Panorama High School on Jan. 28. 

The word on campus | “When we were having a rough first half, we came back with good defense and very much needed confidence.” -Kali Coleman

Our thoughts | Just looking at the records and watching the games, I believe that this is a skilled team that will battle and win many games throughout the season. They have the skills to easily beat Canoga Park and even Panorama which would be a tougher team to face. The girls have a strong defense and a great coach to motivate them to make necessary runs and comebacks. The girls have kicked off the season with a second straight win, hopefully, the first of many. 

For the books | 

  • 6 wins, 3 losses
  • Divison: Valley Mission
  • Player of the game, Cara Dechathong: 23 points, 47% shooting, 8 rebounds, 2 assists, 3 steals, 3 blocks
  • Team totals: 44 points, 34% shooting, 54% free throw, 31 rebounds, 4 assists, 11 steals, 6 blocks