GIRLS SOCCER | Wolves get shut out against Canoga Park

The team only has five games left in the season to make a mark in the league and enter the playoffs.



The Wolves will face the league-leading Kennedy Cougars on Jan. 24.

The girls soccer team played against the Canoga Park Hunters at home on Jan.18. The Hunters won 4-0 and shut out the Wolves in a dominating performance.

The Hunters secured possession and held ball control the entire match. They were taking the most shots, had more counter attacks, and a solid defence that won all the midfield head-to-head matchups. 

The Hunters were seeking revenge for their last matchup with the Wolves. The Hunters had lost 2-1 in a close game at home.This time around, the Hunters learned from the mistakes and won, breaking a two loss streak. 

“It is disappointing to see our team play like this. I hope we can get more wins and pick up our game, but I also have faith in our team to play better in the remaining games,” said audience member Jose Casillas.     

The Wolves are now 2-3 in the League and ranked fifth overall. There are five remaining games in the season, with their next matchup against the Kennedy Cougars.