Keep cancel culture alive

Sometimes canceling someone is the only way to guarantee that they won’t do something hurtful again.



YouTuber Shane Dawson has been involved in numerous scandals during recent years. His apology video in June 2020 has over 20 million views.

Some believe that that act of canceling is overrated. For the most part, I believe that it is needed in our current society. There are many controversial opinions that people love to speak on but sometimes their words can be hurtful. Most of the time these canceled people are celebrities.

Celebrities have large platforms and influence their fans. If they say something wrong, then their fans are most likely going to start doing the same thing. 

Cancel culture should not be canceled. It has become a bit toxic, but we should continue using it to throw problematic famous people off their platforms.

I agree, you should educate these people, but what if they continue to say the wrong things? I think that’s when it’s okay to cancel someone. Canceling someone allows them to hold themselves accountable and reflect on what they did.

It allows people to speak up about what’s wrong and what’s right. We have to make sure that the person doesn’t do or say something like that again.

For example, Shane Dawson is a YouTuber who got canceled and I believe he deserved it. It was so bad that he remained off the internet for over a year. This shows me that cancel culture has the potential to affect the lives of the artist. 

Once a person is canceled, it doesn’t mean they should remain canceled. If that person genuinely apologies for their wrong-doings, then I don’t think they should continue to be outcasted. 

On the other hand, if they refuse to apologize and educate themselves, then they don’t deserve to be accepted again. 

If they offended people, then what’s wrong with canceling them?

Celebrities who continue to say stupid, ignorant things deserve to face all the hate they recieve.