Finding your style 101

Digital Media student Jaya Darrington interviewed students around campus about their overall style and the brands that they were wearing.

When you first meet someone, what’s the first thing you notice about them? Some people might say eyes or smile, but for me, style is what forms an initial impression. 

Many people rely on the way they look to be able to express themselves to others. Sometimes this idea can be viewed negatively, phrases like ‘clothes don’t make the person’ are still common warnings for children and teens.  An over-reliance on clothing can be harmful, but I believe that most people know personal style represents just one aspect of a personality. It’s one aspect that I think shouldn’t be condemned because the positives of exploring fashion   include exploring new aspects of ourselves through style.

It took me a while to find my current look and I know that it’ll keep changing. Through my different style phases of my life, I dressed in everything from cargo shorts to black Dickies pants. Graphic tees to Polo shirts. That’s why I continue to enjoy the process. Popular style is always changing, and trends come and go, only to return years later. Even though everything changes, I enjoy the process of adapting and learning from others. Finding mentors in popular artists like Asap Rocky and even students that walk around on campus. 

The topic of somebody’s style is often a great conversation starter. The hallways are full of  exchanges of compliments that usually always start with the phrase “I love your pants”. 

Digital Media student Jaya Darrington asked students around campus about their style during spirit week.