Cancel culture debate: Can you separate art from the artist?

ASB and JSA ask students and teachers to debate about cancel culture on Wednesday at the small gym. Tickets will be sold for one dollar during nutrition this week.

The Associated Student Body (ASB) and Junior State of America (JSA) will host a debate about cancel culture in the small gym during lunch on Dec. 8. Tickets will be sold for $1 at the student store during nutrition and $2 at the door. 

Under the general umbrella topic of cancel culture, students and teachers will specifically argue whether you can separate art from the artist. Four teachers will be leading the talk and debating each other: Mr. Daniel Klain, Mr. Jonathan Mitchell, Mr. Douglas Kayne and Mr. Bing Benitez. 

The debate will follow the general structure of a typical JSA discussion. The teachers will be split into two sides, either pro or con. The two teachers on each side will have one minute to speak their main introduction points. Then the floor will be open for students to chime in with their own questions or argue a specific point for one minute. If there is time at the end, the teachers will close out the debate with their final speeches. 

16 teachers have offered extra-credit to support ASB. (CREDIT: RUSHMIA HOSSAIN | JSA)

Mr. Klain personally believes school debates during previous years would have been better with greater student participation. He hopes that students will be encouraged to speak more at this event. To encourage students, 16 teachers have agreed to provide extra-credit for anyone going to the event. 

The ASB student- organizer Esther Kim plans to host debate-style fundraisers if this event proves to be successful.