REVIEW | “Lantern’s Lane” is a joke of a horror film

A story illustrated through cheesy lines and not so frightful scares was a definite miss.



One critic claim that ‘Lantern’s Lane’ is “like an insurance commercial – just without the creativity.”

“Lantern’s Lane” hit the theaters and screens on Nov. 5, with a not-so thrilling release.

Based on an urban legend, “Lantern’s Lane” tells a story of old high school friends brought back together for one final night.

With the intentions of reliving their childhood frights, friends Layla, Missy, Shana and Jason all reunite for a couple of drinks, paying a visit to their college hometown.

In hopes of rekindling their friendship, Missy suggests going back to Lantern’s Lane, an alleged haunted street that houses an abandoned home with a story of its own. 

The woman who owned the house had been murdered while attempting to find her lost husband. She is rumored to be carrying a lantern with her whenever she is spotted.

After venturing inside, the group realizes their car is dead and soon finds out it wouldn’t be the only thing to die that night after trying to leave. 

A killer emerges from the dark and is quick to kill two out of the five friends. Thinking it was a joke played by a childhood friend Braxton, they quickly realize just how serious the situation was when he emerges from the woods, bloodied and dead. 

With no way out of the house unless confronting the killer, they are forced to execute their escape from this nightmare that came to life right in front of them.

The poor acting and odd dialogue contributed to the poor ratings from viewers, myself included. While expecting greater, “Lantern’s Lane” can be considered a hit or miss. For me, a definite miss.