The Senior Kickoff adds a splash of color to the football field

Free food, games and activities for two periods during the afternoon gave seniors and oppurtunity to spend time with friends and enjoy their last year together.

The senior board and ASB hosted the senior kickoff event on Nov. 2 after a postponement from last week due to the rain. 

The theme of this year’s kickoff was color-wars. Seniors were to wear either green, blue, pink or red and show their color-wars spirit. The senior board sold colored masks to complement the outfits.

The event was held on the track during periods five and six. As soon as students entered, they were given subway sandwiches with chips and a cookie to start off the kickoff. The seniors were able to take this time to enjoy the free food and chat amongst themselves on tables set out on the football field. 

The seniors were also given the opportunity to play various games. These games included hacky sack, cup pong, truth or dare Jenga, ping-pong, volleyball, football, red light-green light and many more.

“I really enjoyed playing volleyball with my friends and playing all the activities with my friends,” Senior Claudia Segura said. “They had all types of activities and games and it was very fun.”

During the event, the cheer and dance program performed for the kickoff. 

“It was a lot of fun. There were so many games and they played really good music.” “Jenga and the games were very fun. I really enjoyed the dancing too and it’s just crazy that we are already seniors,” said Senior Sophia Kriss-Rundle.

“It was fun and a great experience. It’s been a long time since something like this has happened. For example, all the classes in the past years didn’t get to do it because of the pandemic so I’m glad we could do it.” Senior Diego Mancia said. “It was fun. I had a fun time taking pictures, eating and spending time with friends since again it hasn’t happened since forever. It was nice.” 

The kickoff was only the second senior-only event of the year and it brought seniors a lot of hope that this will be a new year with experiences that they hadn’t been able to get for a while due to the pandemic.

The senior board was in charge of putting the senior kick-off together. 

“It was really really stressful and very very overwhelming. Since we didn’t see senior kickoff last year, we really had no clue what senior kickoff really looks like,” Senior Board President Naomi Lee said. “But we got in touch with the class of 2020’s president and got a great group of juniors to help out. Overall I think it went really well and I hope all the seniors had a good time. Thank you to everyone who came.”

“The hardest thing was trying to make sure we finished on time, I think it worked out and we did everything that we could,” Senior Board Secretary Stephany Guerra added. 

Since the event was for senior students involved in ASB and senior board to enjoy as well, juniors were in charge of various tasks like setting up tables, giving out food and cleaning up after everything was done. 

“The kickoff was very tiring, but I am glad that I helped out. It was pretty hard setting up and carrying tables all the way across the field, but I had a lot of fun during the event,” Junior Destiny Reveles said. “I had a lot of fun facilitating and playing Jenga with the seniors. I am looking forward to my own kickoff next year now because it will be way more fun being in rather than just helping out.”

“The kickoff was a fun experience! The hardest part was setting up and cleaning up. There were many tables we had to carry to the football field, which was strenuous. The easiest and funnest part was facilitating games,” Junior Esther Kim said.  “Lots of juniors got to participate and have fun. I am looking forward to our Senior Kickoff, it looks like it’ll be lots of fun.”

This was the first event since senior sunrise that brought seniors together again to participate in special activities but the class of 2022 should expect many more planned days before their year is over.