Seniors kick off their stress

Let the color wars begin.



Red Team flaunting their color in the 2019 Senior Kickoff event offers an example of what to expect.

The Senior Kickoff will officially take place on Tuesday during periods five and six. 

During the event, seniors will battle  head-to- head in the colorwars. Seniors will be able to choose between the colors red, blue, pink and green to wear during the event. 

Seniors can pick up a complementary subway sandwich, cookie and chips provided by the senior board at the event. 

The event will include performances from cheer and dance. There will also be games, music and photos. 

The entrance for the Kickoff will be through the small gym’s football gate.  The event will be held on the field on the grass. You must have your student ID in hand in order to enter the event. 

Lastly, the senior board will be handing out disposable masks for one dollar and all the proceeds will go to the seniors’ prom that will take place next year on May 14.