TENNIS | The magical playoff run ends against the Unicorns

Wolves lose 6-1 in the semi-finals against LACES High School.



The tennis team poses for a group photo on their home court after a team match.

On Nov. 1, the Girls team lost 6-1 in their semi-final match against the LACES Unicorns. The lone win coming from Varsity Singles Player Irene Lee. 

Since LACES held home court advantage, the Wolves had to leave campus after the first period. Playoff matches, unlike league games, were held at schools much farther away and required the girls to compete in longer matches. 

Coach Min Woo So (in red) leads the team through the LACES campus. (CREDIT: AUDREY TORRES | THE MIRROR )

LACES had decisively beaten their other opponents of the playoffs, Sylmar and South Gate, and proved to continue their dominance by overpowering the Wolves. 

This loss comes after a deep run into the playoffs after the Wolves dominated Garfield High School and slipped past GALA in the second round. 

A successful playoff series into the semi-finals was far from guaranteed as they had finished their season 5-3 with a third place ranking in their league. 

What didn’t show on their record was the countless hours spent practicing in the morning, sixth period and afterschool. 

“Everyone has continued to improve, doing all of the drills without complaint. They even cheered when Coach Min Woo So said they were going to do drills during practice,” Boys Captain Addison Wu said. 

The Wolves pose on the courts of Reseda High School. (CREDIT: AUDREY TORRES | THE MIRROR )

Now that the girls season has completed, the attention will now focus on the boys team and their season during the spring. 

“The girls showed the whole team what works and what doesn’t. The boys team, with more time to prepare for their own season, can build off of season and hopefully have an even better run in city playoffs,” said Wu.