Untraditional improv: ComedySportz is back and ready to compete

ComedySportz is not your average sports team… it is a unique improv team! Find out more about this little known program and the league in which they compete in!



Photo from last years Comedysportz team competing over zoom (will be in person this year)

The Drama program is back with a new, unique ComedySportz team and they are looking better than ever. ComedySportz is one of the many unique programs the Drama program has to offer. ComedySportz is an improvisational comedy program where teams go up against each other and compete in an epic improv battle (pssst.. It’s pretty cool!).

“The ‘ComedySportz’ High School league is a national improv organization where high schools compete against each other with improv,” senior President of the ComedySportz team, Jude Struble, said. “The teams get to work with professional improvisers and build skills that they can use during competitions and real life. This year, we’re working towards building a new team because last year all of our team graduated except for me.”

On Oct. 1, auditions for the team were held. The students participated in various improvisational games that they use in the tournaments and our new 2021-2022 ComedySportz team was created.

“Auditions were extremely fun and easygoing,” junior Ella Robinson said. “Ms. Lief did her absolute best to make sure that everybody was comfortable and not scared to go up in front of everybody to do improv. I was really comfortable while doing the auditions and everybody was extremely nice, so that was amazing.”

“Auditions were really fun for ComedySportz and I really liked the energy that was being created for the auditions,” freshman Cameron Struble said. “The auditions went well, and throughout the audition process, I felt really comfortable and excited to be a part of a small community.”

“People from all different skill levels came to auditions. Most had experience with improv before, but some had little to no experience with improv.”

“I have done basic improv classes in elementary school,” freshman Addison Cudd said. “I don’t really think those count, but I’ve always been interested in improv. I’ve watched many videos and other teams play, so I know some things.”

The team is holding meetings every Friday after school in preparation for their upcoming competition on May 20, 2022 at 7 p.m. in the auditorium, where the team goes head to head against each other. They plan to start having meetings during lunch when competition time comes near, where they will host mini-matches against each other.

All their members look forward to competing when the time comes.

“I’m looking forward to being able to do everything in person,” junior Dante Damiano said, “I’m also really excited to be in charge of the JV team. It’s a responsibility I am ready to take!”