FOOTBALL | A final loss to the Spartans end a winless season

Wolves lose 46-6 to Sylmar on the Senior Night game.

The Wolves‘ season has come to an end, remaining winless. The football team was blown out yet again at home, this time losing to the Sylmar High School Spartans 46-6. 

While the team struggled throughout the game, the team played well given their already scarce depth chart. 

On defense, the lineman found themselves in the backfield multiple times, but the Spartans’ offensive game plan relied on the outside run game and saw the quarterback rarely throw the ball. When the ball was thrown, however, the lapse in coverage saw Sylmar’s receivers getting open for passes. 

On a few plays, the Wolves could have had easy interceptions, but defensive miscommunications between cornerbacks, safeties and the linebackers resulted in two completions for touchdowns. 

While on offense, the Wolves played poorly. Sloppy route running, inaccurate passes from the quarterbacks and poor catching meant that the team only had one touchdown late in the game. 

While there weren’t many highlights from this year’s Senior Night, the Wolves had a solid run game and the offensive line provided fairly good protection for the quarterback despite the Spartans’ many attempts to blitz.