FOOTBALL | Wolves lose last away game of the season to the Canoga Park Hunters

Injuries continue to plague the team, translating to poor performance on-field and huge point deficits when playing opponents.



The football team let the clock run out as they were blown out by their opponents

The Wolves were defeated 42-0 by the Canoga Park Hunters on Oct. 22, 2021 during their homecoming game. 

The biggest ‘Achilles heel’ for the Wolves was their offense. Fumbles and interceptions as well as failed 4th down attempts saw many turnovers throughout the game. The lack of productivity on offense could be attributed to the team losing many of their starters to injury such as starting quarterback, Uriel Rios, and two starting offensive lineman, Christopher Campos and Jeremy Hernandez.

There weren’t many bright spots around the offense this week, but one positive result came from when the offensive line was able to hold off the opposing defense for enough time for the backup quarterback to take deep shots down the field. While there were many incomplete passes, there were a few moments where receivers were able to make a catch for a few yards. This is a good thing because it shows that the quarterback and receivers are gaining chemistry and trust in each other.

The defense, like in the past few weeks, got better as the game went on. In the first quarter, the Hunters scored 28 points, but by the time the game ended they only were held to 14 additional points. 

Noticeably, the defense also got better at securing tackles in comparison to prior weeks, especially on short passes, only giving up minimal yards after catch.

Next week will be Van Nuys’ last home game so the question is, will the Wolves make history and break their winless drought?