American Red Cross Club President Mafruha Rahman Esha

Esha voices how her ambition for helping others flows through her veins and prompted her to establish and develop the school’s American Red Cross club.



Esha recommends students join the club because of the unique oppurtunities to help the community.

What is the American Red Cross club’s mission?

“The American Red Cross club prevents and alleviates human suffering in the face of emergencies by mobilizing the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors.”

What is your role as the president of the American Red Cross Club?

“As the president of the American Red Cross club, my role is to oversee all the officers and be a bridge between the Red Cross regional chapter and the club. I relay any new information or initiative given by the executive board to the officers and make plans with my board to carry through with these initiatives. I also lead meetings at school the majority of the time.”

Why did you decide to start the club? 

“I planned to start an American Red Cross club as soon as I entered high school because I had been a volunteer of the American Red Cross since middle school and found their purpose intriguing. I also believed that it would be a good way to help our community, along with encouraging student involvement within such communities.”

What encouraged you to run for this position?

“I always believed that having a leadership role would be a good opportunity to gain new experiences and skills, so I decided to run for this position as a primary candidate. I also believed that my previous experiences would aid me to guide this club.”

What obstacles have you experienced in regards to establishing and supervising the club throughout the years?

“Communication has been the biggest issue for me thus far. Having clear communication with the officers and members, as well as having to relay that information to the regional board is what became a challenge. However, I have continued to find improved solutions to counter such obstacles.”

What have you found to be the most rewarding aspect of your position?

“As a leader, I have found that the most rewarding part of my position is being able to witness the officers and the members change throughout the years, and having a role in their change. We hold a lot of leadership related activities that often help our members and officers improve as leaders.”

Who was your biggest influence as a leader?

“My biggest role models are my parents. I have learned so many things from them that I would have never learned otherwise. Whether it be knowledge or perseverance, my mom and dad have taught me and guided me the entire time. Thus, I aspire to be an open minded and skilled individual like them as I grow older.”

How has the club grown over the years?

“As we introduced the members to various activities and initiatives throughout the year, we gained more members. We also established a closer link to the executive board throughout the years, so we are able to receive information fast and accurately.”

Why should students at VNHS join the American Red Cross club? 

“Students at Van Nuys High School should join the American Red Cross Club because it will help them improve as leaders and allow them to benefit their society through their actions. In this club we focus on member involvement within the club and community. We also take part in many activities such as the “Sound the Alarm” events, which allow the members to directly help prepare neighborhoods for fire disasters. Activities such as these are rarely offered by other clubs, but the American Red Cross club always offers these activities to the members all the time and provides volunteer hours for their services. These aspects of the American Red Cross club, along with many others, make this a good club to join.”