TENNIS | Girls varsity squad lose their final game at home against the San Fernando Tigers

Wolves still look to end their season with a win in Thursday’s matchup against Kennedy

The Tigers roared back and took their revenge after they lost their last game against  the Wolves. 

The Girls tennis team were unable to win a second straight matchup against San Fernando Tigers on Oct. 19, ultimately losing 5-2 in their final home game of the season. 

Only singles players Loc Handke and Irene Lee managed to beat their opponents. Handke’s match went deep into an intense tiebreaker game that lasted for over 90 minutes. 

The Wolves hoped to make the playoffs by securing a second place spot in their division, but must hope that their third ranking will be enough to continue the season. 

Coach Min Woo So looks to enter his full varsity lineup into the team playoffs, but he will also send his top four varsity players to the individual playoffs. The Wolves will continue to hunt for a win in the CIF tournaments.