Performing Arts Magnet Coordinator
Ms. Fanny Arana

Hailing from Cuba, Ms. Arana shares all about her family history and what she would do if she wasn’t a magnet coordinator.



Ms. Arana is popular around school for her upbeat personality and school spirit.

What exactly do you do?

“I am the Magnet Coordinator for the Performing Arts, so it’s my job to make sure that our Performing Arts Magnet is always expecting a lot of  incoming students.”  

“It’s also my job to market the magnet and to make it known to the public the middle schools and the general community.When I have time,  I assist the performing art teachers with their production, whether that be marketing, coordinating, balancing checks or producing.” 

What is something interesting about you that no one really knows about?

 “I have a very unique cultural background. I’m both Cuban and Jewish. I may have been born in Cuba, but I was born into a Jewish family. 

“Another interesting thing is that I’ve been performing at weddings since 1995.”

Where is the most interesting place you have been and why?

“Well I was born in Cuba and that’s a pretty interesting place because it’s a communist nation.”

If you could do anything else, what would it be?

“I would probably go back to being a teacher. I actually taught English and Theater for 35 years. I taught sixth grade English and History and seventh grade History and many more levels of English. I love teaching English Literature and Theater so I would go back to the classroom because I loved that experience.”