REVIEW | New season of “On My Block” hits the block

Dive into what the town of Freeridge has in store for the iconic friend group! A look into the highly anticipated new season of Netflix’s “On My Block”.



The show, which was the winner of 2018 Teen Choice Awards, is now on it’s final season.

The newest and last season of “On My Block” hit the screens of Netflix users on Oct 4. 

Initially released in 2018, “On My Block” takes the viewers through the drama, challenges and hardships that come with high school.

From freshman year to their senior year, characters Cesar Diaz, Monse Finnie, Ruby Martinez and Jamal Turner all grow up on screen together. 

This season returns with the falling out of these characters and shows what path each individual went down. 

Cesar is now the head of “The Santos,” Monse attends a boarding school, Jamal experiences newfound popularity and Ruby is in cahoots with the comedic relief character Jasmin. 

Following the eventful plot of Season Three and two years of not talking, the Core Four are confronted with an expected turn of events and forced together to face the misunderstandings that pushed them apart. 

Shown through flashbacks, the miscommunication that led to their fallout was gradually revealed and worked through as they shared a common goal, ensuring each other’s safety. 

The mending of these relationships and the vulnerability between the group of friends gives the viewers insight of the growth the characters underwent through all the seasons. 

After everything they have been through, Season Four brought a story of four friends to a close.

“This last season of “On My Block” felt rushed,” senior John Montes said. “It honestly felt like there were many details left out. It feels like they published an unfinished project.” 

Although delighted to see them back together, the season felt rushed to close up loose ends that were left from other seasons. Some of the events felt unnecessary to the plot and the season might have been better off without them. 

Want to know what happened? Watch and find out. “On My Block” is available on the streaming platform Netflix.