FOOTBALL | The Tigers maul the Wolves in our own backyard

The team shows flashes of potential but still seek their first win with only three games left in the season.

The Wolves take on the San Fernando Tigers on Friday, Oct. 8th, 2021 and lose with a final score of 

42 – 6.

The home offense showed similar struggles to last week’s homecoming game. Due to an injury with the Wolves starting quarterback, Angel Perez-Suarez started under center. Throughout the game, Van Nuys attempted to move the ball with numerous run schemes and tried throwing in a few pass plays to no avail.

While the team showed some flashes of that of a playoff team, the passing game was inconsistent and when they took big shots down the field, it was either incomplete or intercepted. On the ground, the team barely picked up yards on the ground with numerous runningbacks being subbed in and out throughout the game. 

On the other side of the ball, the defense held no chance at stopping San Fernando’s offense on any play. The running backs for the Tigers gained big yards, finding large gaps between blocks thus resulting in the large Wolves deficit. 

All that being said, our Wolves have been showing more potential on both offense and defense. Fans can only hope that their school team will be able to quickly adapt and win a game as the season draws to a close.